Anonymous Christmas Warning Message

What if the real problems are hidden from you, and the brainwashing machine is at full swing?

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – Christmas Warning YOU are being Distracted!


    • I still don’t think Trump is good for humanity. He may be bringing down the status quo; but he is draining the swamp into the cabinet. He is doing the opposite of everything for humanity. Open borders is not a problem, it should be the norm. All life is precious, and I do not think Mr. Trump or Mrs Clinton cared about life, humanity, or peace.

    • Thank you for ALL you do to try and reach all of humanity with a true message. I appreciate your videos, they are done really well, I respect you for standing up to evil. I admire your courage! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sick of these horrible, endless wars. I want peace. I don’t “buy” the false media narrative that we are racist. Quite frankly, if we look at the harm we have done under the guise of “war on terrorism “, I am surprised more people don’t hate us. I understand greed, but I can not understand at all how Bush, Bush Jr, Cheney, Obama, any of these politicians that were voted in and trusted to serve our country, how they can rationalize what they have done and how they sleep at night. Blood of millions is on their hands. I guess they don’t believe in God and think only people with $$$$ lives matter. It’s sickening to watch our politicians lie, and kill women and children in third world countries and then sell arms to the biggest buyer to make $ off killing people. I have written so many letters to our congressman and legislative politicians and not one person can explain why we are at war with Syria. No apology for going to war with Iraq, the wrong country for 9/11. Looks like we are protecting and had a part in that, why all the cover up. These politicians seem to be great actors. And to allow all that heroine into our country, make billions, no one talks about where that $ goes, know it’s not to the Afganistan farmer. And to have wallstreet make $ off our prison systems. And the blacks thought Obama would help them. Watching his brother’s videos is heart breaking. Could he not share some of his money and instead of tax paid million $ vacations to Hawaii over and over again, do one thing for his brother, Africa or his fellow African Americans? Thinking about Obama, I can not think of one thing he did to make America or the world a better place. He really let so many Americans down. How does he sleep at night? He knows those drones blow up children! What kind of man is he? I guess he feels only himself and the elite have rights and the rest is a big act and no one else matters. I pray so hard Donald is different. Although not perfect, a moral conscience and not wanting WW3 and a global take over and a financial collapse, while the elite go to Iceland and enjoy the company of George Soros, The Rothchild’s, Bush’s, etc…. Someone that cares about humanity would be nice. Someone who doesn’t want to do another “Benghazi ” to a list of countries, someone who believes in good and evil. It would be really nice to be proud to be an American, a powerful nation that helps other countries, stands up to evil, resolves conflict, not causing it. And holds people like Hillary Clinton accountable for allowing Americans to be killed in Benghazi, who doesn’t accept that she didn’t hear the phone ring or calls for help or can’t seem to remember just about anything and everything that is crucial. We were once a great nation that the world looked up to and we fought with Russia and defeated the Nazis. Now it’s time to again, work with Russia and defeat ISIS and stop trying to start WW3. No one wants another world war! Our current administration runs our country as if it was Obama and others personal business, spending our tax $$$ and never asking us how we feel about selling weapons to the Saudis, how we feel about endless wars, and how we feel about how our tax $ are spent. There is a huge disconnect between DC and America. I pray Trump delivers, listens, and ignores those that are so ignorant to buy into the message from the mainstream media. God Bless America! Thank you again for your excellent videos and messages!!!!!

      • You are truly delusional if you think that Trump is nit everything you described above and mostly if you think its Obama’s admin doing what you described… and GOPs have done way worse then Benghazi… yiu may “praise the Lord” that he’ll do what’s best, only Trump cannot change and yhinking he can and to “give him a chance” is denying evidences starring at your face…

      • You know that seems to me to be a question that I feel I can relate to as well. How can my actions change the actions of many? I believe that just voicing the concerns, bringing the conversation to the table, and making those around us aware of issues not talked about before or thought about before can make a difference. No matter the ripple in the water; the water did move nevertheless. So, even small steps, can make a change occur. The knowledge is being placed out there for those to obtain and enough awareness can begin a conversation, a change worth seeing. So, I personally think that while we as humans in this generation have been taught and almost forced to believe that change must be immediate and must be so visible initially, this actually is not realistic. What is realistic, what is change really, is just taking the initiative by letting others know that our eyes are being opened; we are ready to exit our “caves” to see the sun for the first time; that’s change! That’s being powerful; that’s making a difference.

      • as small as a smile can save a life;
        you may not know the larger picture of a smile or small act of kindness to a stranger;
        you have changed their future;
        and they will go on to change others;
        for the good.

    • Some of us for a long time have known this to be true, and I have felt very much alone in my thinking. I now have consolation in knowing that others are aware. Everyday, I wake up and I cannot see the good in our societies. Our systems are created to pacify our Nations into being complacent sheep. Our freedom here in Canada is an illusion and all media within our countries are censored. Even our bylaws that are there to regulate and create order are just a ruse to make the wealthy elite capitalists more wealthy, because they also know the loopholes sense such laws were created by THEM.
      Anonymous cause is worth standing up for because we are standing up for ourselves.
      Some such things in life are worth sacrificing ourselves for and this is one such cause. FREEDOM not just the illusion of it.

    • Evil people exist in this world. But, just because evil people exist does not make this world evil; what makes this world dangerous is to look on evil and do nothing.

  1. I want to become involved with your cause. I am at the point of insanity, to be living in California , at this moment. I am an excellent choice to be covert . Thank you.

  2. Everyone should know that Anonymous has NO OFFICIAL website, NO OFFICIAL Facebook page, NO OFFICIAL Twitter, etc. This website does have some Anonymous videos but its real purpose is to make money. NONE of the money goes to help the Anonymous cause.

  3. I believe the leaks to wikileaks were an inside job. So many people have been killed for speaking the truth. I love that Putin is not playing along with Obama’s last ditch games! I find more truth about how our government works but watching news from all over the world. Our media is a black out. I remember the old days when journalists used to show footage from Vietnam. My own family didn’t believe me about the created refugee crisis at first because our media doesn’t cover what we do, and how countries like Sweden have become no go zones. I am shocked that after stealing the vote from Bernie, the left still voted for Hillary. Now Bill and Hillary are asking for donations for The Clinton Foundation. What happened to the millions of $ from Saudi Arabia? The truth needs to come out, esp about what happened in Haiti. The American people are not dumb and that is why she lost. The “news” is fake. I got rid of my cable and do not post on FB or other social media. FB has no problem handing over personal information to the government. Thank you for your videos that continue to expose the corruption and promote peace.

  4. I live in England been telling all of my friends and family about the new world order they just think I’m going crazy I can’t make them see, we need to find a way to save the ones who can’t see the truth about humanity born work retire die we are getting paid for slavery.
    With anonymous

  5. Oh my god don’t tell me you are really selling masks????
    We really have lost our way-havent we?
    Luckily oNc are here to guide you back on path.
    Anonymous has turned into a brand name and the ethos bastardized.
    Beware, for ye shud become just as yon enemy even was at your back and your loins like the slithering snake.
    oNc will show the way back before it is too late and you do their job for them.
    Ah what happened to the MESSAGE??where was it lost or did you just not understand?


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