Anonymous – CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Here it is..


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Here it is..


    • Am I the only one noticing that Anonymous is the one controlling and distributing information on here. Seems a little Fascist for an organization that fights to end the corruption of big corporate businesses and government. I’ve never seen the article of a normal user on this website on the “front page”. And that should change.

        • On Friday, September 15th 2006, the former planet Pluto was dubbed asteroid number 134340 to reflect its new status as a “dwarf pla23t.&#e8;#82n1; Personally, I found it a little freaky that the scientific community changed the named so quickly. Plus, we’ll definitively have another thing to add to our list of things to tell our kids when they are older. “Yes, yes, daddy and mommy knew asteroid 134340 as planet Pluto in our young days.” To which he/she will probably respond: “What do I care ? Now, get out of my room.” Ha ha. A day to remember in my opinion.

      • Governments in general are doomed to fail. There is not a government in human history that has been successful. It’s human nature to want more. To dispise any authority in the sense of population control. Because and keep this in mind, we are creatures as is every other living thing and we have an instinct for survival. And to let that power be held by a government, is on an instinctual level giving up your ability to do whatever necessary to survive.

        • How come you say they when Its we. Whats in the air & the water? So much CANCER, PTSD, ADD, FEAR & ANXIETY. WE are not poisoning you THEY are poisoning us. LIKE the Boss said , do you think they care enough about your teeth to put floride in the water & pay for it? Look at any ratpoison & that will teach you volumes. Floride. Join us. This is the Revolution.

        • Your preaching to the quire- cant spell that. The singers at worship are the_. I know the Bible & your mixing in Plato or Freoid or somethin.
          We know in Revelation & other books it says Armagedon IS coming but until then are we invisible to you? Can you help us until God or the 7thEmir or Christ or whatever we call him gets here.
          God is the Reason I role with Anonymous not the excuse why I dont. Just try once OK. ­čÖé

        • All democracies have 200-250 general life span and tend to fall after that. Yes, America is not immune from falling. We are living it now. Demosthene, in 348 B.C. stated we believe whatever we want to believe. Hope to us to discern the truth.

        • This is exactly the problem. This is exactly the pretty picture agenda 21 paints and you are exactly the people they target with this. Globalization is a very, very bad thing. All this “sustainable” propaganda which sounds nice in theory and this “diversification” garbage is nonsense. The only people who will benefit are the super elite which create this for no other reason than to brainwash society and make their sheep more complacent. Look around you. Everything is “green” or “sustainable”. None of it does a thing but harvests more and more money to line their pockets. The trillions of dollars they dump into this globalization farce could solve many, many more problems without trying to take everyone’s rights and enslave humanity. Wake up.

          • Bullshit. No, you look around you. Trump is dumping fracking waste into the Gulf of Mexico and coal ash into our rivers. Yes, climate change an be a luxury issue for those who are just trying to survive but shitting on the efforts of so many who are trying to slow it down without offering any solutions makes you just as bad as the corporate whores who are screwing all of us. You seem more angry at the “sustainable propaganda” which indeed there is some more than the actual fucking scum who are destroying our planet.

        • I think it’s time to wake up my friends. The time of struggling and fighting needs to end. Peace be with you my brothers and sisters. Remember, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.

      • What is a normal user? This is Anonymous site. I guess they would be the one to insert information and control it. What? You want to control it. Or maybe the government? I just want to know if I want to remain anonymous why do you guys ask for our emails? I want to feel safe in saying what I feel on this site.

    • I want to join anonymous.I am a middle schooler. Pls accept me
      We are legion
      We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      Expect us
      If you want to contact me contact on Instagram username:3badzeus

    • i think that the problems are the resistence people have against bad things and they have to do actions against themselves and moral to survive or work with. and they get involved with immoral circumstance the cant understand and cant handle with and it course in (dualism). that will cause Cognitive dissonance with arousal and Reduction of arausal and it is realy difficult when you are brain washed and you have to do things against your self (moral)!!! and drugs and all kind of bad circumstance can results in a bad resistence and lose control of reality and behauvior. i hope that i have typed the ritgh words becourse my english is terrible. and good luck with your good humanity work

    • IM GONA SAY IT on the Anonymous site. I was so surprised when I saw your videos. The words & the truth I heard before MANY times over the years IN MY HOMETOWN everybody was Anonymous before I was.
      They were speaking your truth but I didnt know it originated with you until I saw.
      I DO know you. Through a friend of a friend but we take care of our own so Im Gona modify it but Im going to say it. WoW Here goes:
      We are the Peoples Legions
      We Do not Forgive
      We do not Forget
      Expect Us. Goose Bumps out loud. gbol

  1. I need a job done. Somebody is hacking my brothers drone and I have no leads as to who is doing that

  2. I love these AO videos, but this one doesn’t seem to reach a conclusion. The title says we will get truth, but we get a bunch of different examples of people, hearing voices telling them to commit crimes.

    What is behind it? Is it mentel illness? CIA/MK Uktra? The Devil? Aliens?

    What is the truth?

  3. Nice video. But what exactly are you saying? Bit vague.
    We know however that ‘mind-control’-‘brainwashing’ has been the holy grail of governments since before ww1.
    That they are so obviously still chasing this isn’t news.
    Also the new world order thing is old hat too.
    You are right people are being distracted. By you.
    oNc are here to guide all those lost back on track.
    Do wake up people. We are at a crossroads and need to take the right path.
    Sit and do nothing and you will be a slave forever.
    We are at the time to ACT. Now while technology is still on our side. Tomorrow maybe too late! Technology can imprison as well as free!
    Act now! Join us at oNc

  4. Anonymous on Facebook!! Selling masks!! Seems like ‘they’ have successfully turned Anonymous into just another tool in THEIR arsenal-yes THEIRS
    Vigilante sites turning the very people we fight for against each other – see anonymous Ireland for just one example(make sure you get the right one, there are several)
    Videos with outdated information-isnt it time to let people know what to do to avoid becomig a guinipig for instance, known prescription drugs NOT to take. How to go offline. Dissapear from the grid. How to take ACTION-for it is that time. If we dont act now we are beaten. We will rally but you will be ashamed of the world your kids grow up in because YOU did nothing.
    Everyone has something to offer, no matter how small a part that maybe. A million small acts – one massive effect.
    So look for oNc – we are sorry but at the min if you can’t find us we can’t use you at the moment. Soon though we will post links where you will be evaluated and security check. The only reason you can be turned down is the security check,which you can appeal. Sorry it sounds so official but we have to be careful.

    • They are being big brother, stop lying to everyone anominous your only fools who believe are racist,black or African Americans who are not educated and experienced

  5. Hi Anonymous team,
    Need help. My friend’s account has been hacked and all rights have been taken away.
    Please help urgently. Thanks in advance for replying quickly.

  6. Question…What if a group of internet trolls is capable of causing an impeachment procedure ??
    Internet would never be the same again….

  7. I think it’s the food we are eating, the gut is the second brain. Schizophrenia start in young males commonly in the late teens and early 20s, they always start by reporting voices a day being startled by themy and what the voices say. I’ve noticed more and more cases as a nurse including other mental health diseases. What has changed in such a short time? We are being fed chemicals that have been proven to damage the gut and alter brain functions permanently. I really have no idea what’s causing it, but wouldn’t it make sense to easily “medicate” a large population without being obvious, would be the food and water supply?

    • You are exactly right they’re trying to kill us off slowly and off the radar, that’s why our water is not clean, there is Florine in it and bad metals that kill us. My suspicion is that instead of them actually killing us off more like making reasons for us to fight each other so that we do it ourselves, religion is a big factor of this and an easy way to control and discriminate people isis for example how many deaths has it caused this world finds it so hard to live in harmony, because if the greedy fuckers who claim to help humanity but do the complete opposite. Our leaders. But our leaders have leaders.

      I’m probably wrong as it’s only a theory but what if these sonic booms are like gradual minid controlling device or I think it’s called a tesslar ? It is something that they can ultimately control the weather with but either way it’s bullshit again laws aren’t a way of keeping the world sane but more like not letting us use our creativity but to control us literally we should be humans we can’t evolve we have turned dumb as to say treated like hamsters, i could rant longer but yeah people need to wake up the world isn’t as fine and dandy as they think.
      I’m 18 and have realized.
      Your turn

      • that so much more, its just all part of fill, the good bad and ugly, every thing is connected change one thing change everything.As long as live is about money and not people [live]. The only way I can see change is though feed.Like one 15 min class a week in all grades. Teach what we’ve learned not look dick see jane run, 123 for 100 years. We hav’nt learned anything new.

    • CD,
      I too was a nurse for a short period of time. I agree that, as a nation, we have been poisoned with excess chemicals. But it goes so much further than food. Parabins behave like Estrogen in the body. Go pick up a bottle of lotion, just about any brand, and you will find them, at least two and as many as four, in it. Even the ones that claim to be “all natural” or “nature-based”, if you can find it in Walmart or Dollar General, it has these and other chemicals in them. It only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what is put on it. That is why topical treatments like testosterone gel work so effectively and they recommend you put it on with gloves. As for the water, Estrogen binds to water. Birth control pills are essentially estrogen. It cannot be “filtered” out of the water because waste water treatment plants are not equipped with the necessary means to break the estrogen-water bond. This is not to say the means do not exist, I know they do, but we are not privy to them because the “average” person is not high enough on the food chain to matter. We are a breeding labor pool. Nothing more. If the population is under-educated, distracted, divided, and sick, it is easy to control. We are that population.

    • My homeslice breadslice dawg,you need to chill.


      for all we know, you could be a scientologist,a communist,or a facist.
      i’m willing to say all three are correct.\


      what imma trying to is,go read some sicknasty twilight yo.

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  9. I want to join anonymous and I am a middle schooler and pls accept me
    We are legion
    We do not forget
    Expect us
    Code name:Zeus
    If you want to contact me contact me on instagram username:3badzeus

    • It’s about the way the world is gradually being controlled and about the new world order to create a one world government to essentially make “higher beings” probably not the right word as I’m not talking about spirits but more like a more advanced civilizations but it won’t work technology is making us dumb and it will just end in our extinction this world is ruined with power and has taken over controlling us we practically get paid for slavery you don’t want to work but you have to to live. I don’t think lions bears and gorillas have to live like that they live in the circle of life but that doesn’t exist with us anymore.

    • Odie,
      You’re right. I did miss the point. I saw several connections that were being made however I still couldn’t connect the dots. Show me where to look. What am I missing? Don’t need or want a “spoon fed” answer. Just need a little direction.

  10. Who is z(bigbrother)watchin’&controllin’?zevrything seen eye!,ztop of znew world pyramid! WHO is it?!who is chippin’ us while we r sleep? is it true zbeast servants preparing2its appearance??!!

  11. Let us band together for the good in all of us. No need for profanity. We are not the enemy. Seeking higher, unblemished thought. Think tank. Thinking, planning, truth, leads to action, action to change. Humanity, certain freedoms are at stake. Truth crushed to earth Will Rise Again?

  12. I agree with the food/chemical comments just look up the ingredients in toothpaste. Fluoride is the obvious chemical but there are several one is a registered pesticide! & big, bad BPA that is advertised as being “free of” on just about every plastic product? Well when you get your receipt from that BPA free product you actually absorb BPA into your bloodstream within 15 seconds of holding said receipt! Don’t believe me watch Plastic Paradise on Netflix & see the blood test results yourself. The beauty of infinite knowledge at our fingertips(for the time being until they justify taking that freedom as well) is the countless ways to make everything from your cleaning products to your toothpaste(I am like a walking Pinterest guinea pig so for anyone interested in DIY non toxic products I have tried many & found what works as well as it claims). Skin is the largest organ & its a darn shame there isn’t higher standards or standards period when it comes to honesty when advertising products. It’s nice to know there are other people who aren’t completely oblivious to the fact that things aren’t always as they appear.


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