Anonymous – Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth… (Fukushima LEAK 2017-2018)

Fukushima nuclear plant has been pouring 300 tones of radioactive water every day, since the accident happened 6 years ago. Life is already disappearing on the seas, our bodies will also be polluted with radiation, that will cause us countless cancers and diseases. Life on Earth is being threatened, and surely, many of us, will have early deaths as a consequence of this radiation. Wake up!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth… (Fukushima LEAK 2017-2018)


  1. Anonymous – Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth… (Fukushima LEAK 2017-2018)

  2. Very true. Good information to follow, and I’m so glad that I got this in my notifications. I was in school earlier and it showed up on my phone, and I started laughing in the middle of class because I was so happy that FINALLY I had something to get away from the system, despite the thousands of hours of research instead of doing my math homework.

  3. “Oh no,” Pearl says indignantly. “There’s never been anything like it. I do suppose that this explains the whole concept of thinking as us humans do, since we are scarcely afraid to take what we want and say as we please. There are no exceptions for those in power, either, all because they are superior on a scale compared to us.”

    “Which makes them…”

    “Isla, they are already arrogant. A politician is arrogant before they are a politician. That’s exactly what this organization looks for. Arrogance proven to the fact that they will believe in anything and follow through with whatever instructions as long as they’re given luxury and a main standpoint among the Imperial System.” She sort of laughs a moment as if doubting herself. “It is as old as can be, that system. We haven’t updated it at all.”

    I nod once. “So you’re saying that they’re arrogant?”

    “That,” she says, “but they are also indifferent to relationships and family, and they are ignorant when it comes to seeing both what’s right in front of them and what’s hidden behind a veil.”

    “They don’t know of love, then?”

    “No, of course not. They know only of control. But remember that you could be pointing a gun at them, and they will automatically believe that you will not shoot them because they are of a higher social class. So if you do shoot, it would be the last thing they expect.”

    I smile. “You are made of insight.”

    “Yes,” she laughs again. “A particular type that I’m vaguely aware of.”

    “But if you listen to your own words you’d understand what I mean by insightful.”

    “No, Isla, I understand, I just can’t seem to accept it because of how natural it is, you see?”

    “And they will never be able to accept it because they know you would eventually win them over by simply using words.”

    -Aila Rivera

    That part of United, one of my favourite books which I found only online, explains what we, the people, must work towards, and also explains exactly the format that politicians use to lead us. Fear. Hate. Whatever negativity you can think of.


  4. If there is a suppressed technology that can neutralize or somehow dissipate or absorb these levels of radiation, now would be the time to leak it…

  5. I’m at the bottom of the social class structure but I’m still an intelligent person and there’s got to be a way that people like me can still help. I started seeing all of this happening on my own and I finally found anonymous and realized that there’s other people that saw this coming the American people social IQ is too low but I’m also not an advocate for America but just Society in general I’m only a second-generation American in my girlfriend is an African American America has been on the wrong track for a long time

  6. I would like to become involved in what Anonymous does and what it’s goals are. I would like to know more about the organization and how I can get involved because I see things happening even here and I hear about stories on the news and I just don’t buy it.

  7. Hi!
    I… I would like to join anonymous… If there is plase for young boy that can do a little of C++ and is learning hacking?

    Greetings from finland!

  8. Hii.. I am little boy from Nepal. I have basic knowledge about hacking and wanna join and learn more with you guys. Please let me join. Please

  9. I need your help. A pedophile who has got away with it before. Has done it again. Destroyed a 13 year olds life.. Best her mother and broke her baby brothers arm systematic for 10 years abused raped tortured her family. Been to court 3 times over the same matter he is a police informant Clive m Baxter lives in the UK but Jamaican born. 5,3,73.. Enfileld UK.
    He is threatening and violent thereatened to kill mother and brother. Destroyed a family again.. He got away with it last time with ex wife’s daughter maisie Baxter. He will kill everyone in his path and rape little girls. The British government allow him to do this. He has destroyed a young girls life she is not the first. His mother sister and brother all no the truth.. Why is there no justice for a child .. A family.
    Why is he allowed to keep doing this to inocent children. He has made families suicidal .. He thinks he has got away with it. You are the last hope of truth and justice for inocent children.

  10. hola quiero unirme a ustedes tengo conocimiento basico quiero saber mas quiero ser uno de ustedes estoy dispuesto a trabajar y poner 100% de mi parte

  11. There are a group of people ruining everyday lives with online attacks and internet threats, they are pretending to be members of Anonymous, sending internet threats in order to manipulate kids. Their names are Christopher Ball 37 Park Avenue, Sheffield (Lives Sheffield U.k and sometimes lives Walsall U.k) and Robert Foy King Charles Avenue Bentley (Walsall U.K) there are others involved in a group called Subterfugeeci They use accounts Xeon_vape on instagram and lots of other accounts that are set up just to cause harassment, steal information and cause misery. Kids are frightened to come home because of their threats. Can you please help.


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