Anonymous – A Stunning Warning for America… (2017-2018)


  1. Hi Anonymous. Can you do something about the bad cops killing black people in America. Maybe start with the city of St. Louis. There are more than what is reported and has been going on for years and while the media wants everyone to think these victims were evil, a majority aren’t. We’ve dealt with systematic genocide for a while now. We are tired and if you can help. Would be appreciated. If you could just expose what they are doing.

  2. 4.5 years ago a corrupt gsng of oath takers operating out of 3 counties began attacking me. They openly extorted,threatened snd illegally charged me to bend my will. I knew I wasnt yhe only victim of these criminals and began researching. Besides crimes against innocent parent like myself,they’ve preyed on many others including hundreds of predatory sex crimes against teen agers, their moms and disabled parents they profile in court,immigrants and vulnerable women. 400 known attacks against a documented 300 females.
    For 30 years the reports and complaints were covered up and discarded because of the groups blood,marital and business connections too former governors such as James Doyle,Wynn S.Collins,Congressman Steve Gunderson and other connections in top DOJ/DCI and state agencies.
    Callista Gingrich, ambassador to the Vatican is also from this town and given the history of political ties,crimes and connections it doesnt suprise me.
    Sealing records to hide patterns of racketeering,interfering in state elections,sex,financial,constitutionsl treason and a host of other crimes. After attempting to expose it aswell,I see why its gone on so long and that it will continue.
    Threats,set up,planting drugs,financial terrorism,pay to play services upto murder,they have and will do anything to protect their secrets.
    My point being in a time like this where FBI and DOJ protects their interest from their victims,it is hard to stay patriotic when tyranny like this is a way of life and its making it harder to tell who the real enemies are.
    2 years ago a woman they legally abused so bad broke and was shot to death in a walmart as a result. Ine judge oversaw her divorce,criminal cases,took her daughter,locked her up and caused her death.
    I know because Im physically disabled and was attacked by the same group that attempt to extort me and tried to use my children and I as cash cows just because Im disabled and they prey on us.
    I was wrongfully charged 4 times,I was only convicted once because they played a game with notifications,the rest were all dismissed.
    The evidence I collected and can prove the racketeering is the only reason they backed off destroyed the records and told me to keep my mouth shut.
    They control the process.

  3. I am surprised nobody sees how in fit Donald j trump is to be president its almost like he has hypnotized my country and only some are awake to this. I wish the people of america would wake up and just see that he is doing a horrible job he is a business man not a political man and what president posts 24/7 on twitter.

  4. Hello very good … I believe in you for the fight and the freedoms .. But since you are putting the hoof in the referendum of illegal Catalonia .. With your consent as Anonymous Pink @ whitewizard086 and AnonymousBCN @AnonymousBCN you are a shame for the whole world that Rin vindicates the freedoms fights etc.
    You’re the fucking dick right now in Spain

  5. Would like you to show and help the people of Indiana against a corrupt company that goes by the name of David Hazen group. Out of zionsville, Indiana very corrupt charging there employees for fees. The owner is a registered sex offender as well ,one is atleast .No one knows what for . Already have federal charger brought up on them from the department of hours and labor but belive they might settle out of court to keep there good name witch is not truly righteous.

  6. are the aliens really going to eat us? im so sick of this lying, corrupt, money hungry system that i could puke, so why cant we stay and be the ones to help make a better world? do you know what us lightworkers and others are? or are they the aliens? i know i have been sent many messages however i believed them to be from GOD. GOD IS LOVE right? just wondering. i kinda think anonymous should be the worlds government or are you guys the aliens and am i? do i get to go home?


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