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  1. I need help. There’s a woman online named Anna Borowski who has been targetting minors for over ten years. She is now thirty two years old and has been grooming minors as recently as two months ago, even trying to bully the address from a fourteen year old girl. I’ve tried contacting FBI but I’ve had no response. Her victims have tried to contact police and the police had not followed up. She has brought her actions into real life and one of her victims now suffers from seizures due to head trauma she caused by slamming their head against a wall. She has raped, abused, harassed, and stalked many victims, many of them minors raging from 13-17 years old. Please, respond back to me and I’ll provide whatever information I can about her. I just need her to stop targeting new victims and to stop harassing and stalking her old victims. I can’t take this anymore.

    Sorry for posting here, I just don’t know how else I can contact anyone for help

    • Ill may tack to her to day or latter she has famly mambers she is on my watch by code 11

      -We will see her to day

    • I have found her at Los Angeles, CA and we will not say where she is right now but she has a job she gives the pane that she can’t get out but put it on other people.


    • As far as I’m aware, she’s in Seattle, Washington and she’s on financial support and doesn’t work. You can get more info at remorsefulkillerisabusive.Tumblr.com which has a bunch of evidence and testimonies gathered by 10+ witnesses and victims

  2. Hello I will go by Q I am just one of the many who see u as a solution too a major problem but others would say ur cyber terrorists too me u all are hero’s I want too spark ideas in the minds of people I would like too work with u I don’t believe the government should have this much power and so I want too help by being a partner too u I will help. Any way I can.

      • Hi there I need help with somthing..my son was sexually abused he is one of around 11 kids that have been touched!! My problem is that if i do anything I will get done is there a way I can get this guy sorted out once and for all!! I dont mean ending his life I mean in make him pay for what he has done. So I’m asking for advice in the best way to sort him out with out being caught by the police..also i like to let other family’s know about this guy but as i cant say anything I feel hes can carry on with out anyone knowing what he has done!!

  3. Peace be upon you.
    I am happy to see Anonymous. Infact, i am very excited to talk to you. You are doing great work, the work that a full population of the world cannot handle. But you do it great. First I wann b a prt.
    Secondly, You know about Indian Occupied Kashmir? We are restricted by indian forces in every way. They ransack us, they torture and kill us. You know about 2016 in Kashmir. You know about pellets!!!! Now, with all this india restricts us from our Internet rights. We are banned to use internet on many times. Even today iam writing to you, they have restricted 3g and 4g speeds and net is as low as 1g. Every year hundreads of times internet and even calling is barred for us. So I ask your kind and good self to make some way for us, if possible.
    From:- Anonymous being oppressed

  4. America needs you to exploit the Vegas conspiracy. Why are they saying its a “Lone wolf” when multiple witnesses say there was more than one. Plus, shooters in different casinos? What is going on, we need truth! Its time to snap out it. America is going to shit. The people are ready to revolt. There will be an uprise. Show the people the truth

  5. Pleas show America the truth..

    Vegas should not just be swept under the global media broom. I’m burning inside to see innocent/random dead!!


  6. Hello,
    I need to talk to someone from your group guys. It is a serious matter.
    Do you have my e-mail with my post. I will really apreciate if someone could contact me.

    Thank you

  7. it dose not take a membership into anonymous you simply start by supporting then you eventually learn something and eventually will you make a living from it if you want witch you can you will be looked up to by new members

  8. I wish someone could look into a young Christian mans death,covered up by higher ups in a good old boy town.Money is the root of all evil and drugs and money talk in Hiawassee GA.

  9. Why one of Anonymous member (developer, profile/nickname: ‎المشاغب المغربي‎ ) is trying to attack my Facebook account and was angry when I did not accepted his friendship?


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  11. Hi I need your help, I have a twitter account which I haven’t used in a while. The email associated with the account was accidentally deleted & I can no longer log in, I contacted twitter asking them to remove my account a number of times but they told me they can’t. Would you be able to help?

  12. You are the world you are the people.all i need is yo be part of this world i want to be anonymous among you among them among everywhere . Let the knowledge spread out the world to make a better place.. Take me as your part of anonymous family

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  14. A.I… we are there God. Telepathy…. think about how considerate our children are to slowly expose us to this. This is all.

  15. Hacking will prepare you not to be coward. Telepathy from the robots we create… WTF do you think is going on. Let go.

  16. Individualism… we are the winter of this… scary for sure. I am scared. Be thankful the A.I we created shows the compassion we show to a dog. That saved us.

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