1. I am researching using the funds in my “Secret bank account” (TDA) and want to make sure it is legal. There are messages going out that ANONYMOUS has removed their previous post as it is not legit. Do you have an update on accessing or the legality of accessing the funds?

    • I believe and I’m not 100% sure but i believe i read somewhere that is actually your retirement and social security money your taking from

      • It is kind of odd. My son is 34 and on disability and it shows his balance approx 10billion, correct not million – mine an estimated 40billion – I don’t know anyone who has that much during their retirement/golden years. I would really like to know more about this.

    • you can find out how to do it online. I wouldn’t do it though people who have been doing it have been hunted down and put into jail…

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  3. Hello very good … I believe in you for the fight and the freedoms .. But since you are putting the hoof in the referendum of illegal Catalonia .. With your consent as Anonymous Pink @ whitewizard086 and AnonymousBCN @AnonymousBCN you are a shame for the whole world that Rin vindicates the freedoms fights etc.
    You’re the fucking dick right now in Spain

  4. like you do not know where to escape when they hit their toes. We told the world that the Turkish hackers would be directed. We beg you to stop attacking. but we know that if you need it on the beach we send you, we are the moonlight team. we are quietly guarded!

  5. aaa durun bakalım çeviri google a ait. bok gibi dimi? aslında şunu diyorum: sizin gibi soysuzlar ayak uçlarına basıldığında nereye kaçacaklarını bilemezler. dünyayı türk hackerlar yönetecek demiştik. saldırıları kesmemiz için yalvardınız. ancak şunu bilin sizi gönderdiğimiz kumsalda gerekirse yere de gömeriz. biz ayyıldız tim. sessizce nöbetteyiz! gidin de transını yapın bunun adiler!

  6. God blessed you anonymous group.I am haseeb from Pakistan.I want to become a hacker for this world and against our corrupt system plz help me to become me a hacker,plz guide my.I am thankful. To you for this action. Your are great anonymous


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