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  1. Anonymous – You have The Right To Know The Truth! (WW3 2017-2018)

    • Not so much about the music, though, is it? It’s about the content. So don’t worry about the music.
      I’m sorry we face another war, citizens of the world.
      How unfortunate that humans must come to the conclusion that there is no way out of the less we’ve made unless ALL OF US TOGETHER do something about it.
      Which is impossible.
      But we always lose the battle, do we not?
      Yes, we do.
      History repeats itself
      And the tears continue to fall.

      • Think what would happen if we all woke up tomorrow with no memories, and no records, of the past.

        Which of us would know who we once hated and who we should hate now.

        Hurts and harms cause pain and injuries; these take time to heal; saying wont forgive and wont forget is a healthy part of the learning and the healing process; LEARNING FROM the experiences NOT ACTING UPON the pain caused; and giving the time needed to heal, is what is needed.

        The only way to really not repeat the past is to forgive it, and honour its memories by making sure it does not happen again.

        If we choose to harm based on beliefs: religious or otherwise; or ‘make others pay’ by harm or any revenge, then we are no better than they.

        And if we harm and kill because of something that was done hundreds, or even thousands of years before we were even born, all we’re doing is perpetuating what has been so distorted over time as to practically become myth, and then finding a convenient target for whatever petty grievances we hold in our own lives now.

        If we fight we all lose; no-one wins; we will always lose each battle; because to choose to fight is to choose to lose.

        We could choose peace.

        Now that’s a scary thought.

    • Anonymous please open instagram army_anons that account say if its you and play with indonesian ulama scandal..that a big scandal he is helping the bad islam leader..who always shout and kill..please investigate before your name in indonesian people become bad

    • Okay, let me just get something straight for everyone.
      Why, exactly, would Russia want ANYTHING to do with the blasted States?
      They DON’T. They DID NOT do anything to them, it’s simply another racial scheme to DIVIDE US, and if you people haven’t fucking WOKEN UP YET, then I don’t know what’s to COME NEXT.

      • I agree. I think the whole Russia thing is a subterfuge to distract us from what they (the government, “Powers-that-be) are really up to. It’s probably some kind of power play for our beverage of choice — oil. The melting of the polar caps may reveal part of the answer. Maybe there’s oil there or something even more surprising, but I feel we have our eye on the ping-pong-ball rather than the bowling ball.

    • One thing that should never happen is for people to impersonate Anonymous and hurt their cause and possibly harm them. People in Anonymous are brilliant and computer savvy; I am neither which is fine. Whilst it is true that many are waking up, how do we fight the “powers that be” and the war machine. Sadly, my fear is that the politicians are puppets for the one percent of the one percent. Who is really calling the shots? It is not “decoy Donny”. That’s for sure. I make calls, sign petitions and go to marches. I help people on the street. I’ve even been in a crack house to help this girl and her baby. In other words, I didn’t do much. My whole country (America) is brainwashed. My soul hurts for the people we have hurt and the environment and the animals. I would never expect Anonymous to contact me.


    • They have done this in former Yugoslavia, Kosovo sits on huge precious metal, and m8neral deposits. U.S. steel and Tom Kelly at the helm moved in so quick it was tacky

  2. The music in the background is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY and annoying I couldn’t even watch the video. Stop putting all that crap in the video’s it’s just LAME! If people are going to take you seriously do not go over the top with the theatrics, the mask cape and voice suffice.

    • What about “rensemwear” virus bomb attack?why don’t you try to make cyber world safe because roday they need you.Are you don’t know about that group “wanna cry”.Can’t you help world.Humble request to anonymous group to make safe world now days thank you if you do something.

    • U wrong it is an ominous massage each time and each time it ominously reminds us of how evel some folks are… it is only befgiting that a proper bcgrnd is there

    • We have the right to know the truth but what is the truth. The truth is human is disease that must end. We dont deserve earth we’re killing the earth for power for money for strength etc. We’re just bunch of thing with blood bones and skin. Who have little more brain than the other species. The truth is we’re all anonymous, only remove these religion, name, country and all of this thing and we became nothing. Why we can’t love all person the same why we can’t live like a one family because we can’t this is the truth. This is the human nature world’s most dangerous disease human. We need to remove from the earth. The nature of getting all things will be our downfall and we’ll be destroy soon beacuse of us not only us but nature and other animals will be gonna destroy.

      • Sith, that is what Anonymous is about. Spreading THE TRUTH about what IS REALLY GOING ON. I know I am angry at the way the world is too. But it is OUR WORLD. The people of this idea, we all want global peace as well. Equal and fair for all mankind of every nation. No one is above or below you. We are all the same. Of one mind and accord. And that is what this is about. Spreading TRUTH, and not just spreading it, walking in it daily. Its ok to be angry. But take that anger and turn it into a positive. Share all these videos on your facebook, google +, or whatever to start u til you meet more of us. Then learn how to be an asset, a blessing, a contributor of good to humanity.

  3. A while back I said Anonymous gave me the key, (information), but where was the door? Then I re-watched the recordings and Anonymous clearly says where the door is. But it is so simple, the mind passes over it because solutions must be complicated right? Wrong. The funny thing is, I already knew where the door was years ago when I was a kid, but I forgot. Kids already have this access naturally, as adults we lose that access somehow.
    I have now passed through that door and it was intense, scary, emotional, enlightening, necessary, saved me, humbling, calming and the message on the other side of the door was clear.
    Thank you Anonymous. I don’t know who you are behind those masks, but thank you for the work you do for humanity and thank you for the love in your hearts. You are amazing and we are truly blessed to have your enlightened spirits helping us. Sending you eternal love xxx
    A few videos ago, again, you clearly show the door. I hope as many people as possible notice it xxx

    • I hope to find it in the next few minutes as I repeat the same videos! Thanks for the tip, I’m sure the rest of us will be happy to search out the door, because you’re right, there is a key, we’re all just unsure on where to put it.

  4. hey anonymous why dont you guys do something about the wannacrypt ransomware. exixtence of that virus downgrades you reputation untill it is created by one of you.

  5. WE ARE ANONYMOUS WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING do we or do we not we need to strike every on who lives in the same area should group together…we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect US

  6. Anon, would you please inform the American Public and also the world about the “Prices” of gasoline/petrol. I mean the true cost per gallon/per liter. I have noticed that the Crude Oil stock has been low enough to lower the prices, but it has only lowered a few pennies. In which it should have lowered a full Dollar/Pound Sterling in most areas. I am guessing the Headlines featuring “Trump and Russia” are there to blind the public on the true issues that should be foremost on the top of the agenda. From taxes that have been pasted that has no end date, to the actual cost of production. I know that there should be at least fluctuations in the cost. With Obama out of office, gasoline should start to go back down to $1.00 per gallon. Since 2001 I haven’t seen the gas price lower than $1.90 in my area. Even that is too much, lower the gasp price the economy will stabilize.

  7. It would seem Australia is under threat of Terror inflicted by its own Government and Universitys.
    I was not going to post in belief Anonymous may make matters worse, truth I am unsure ho to react.
    It would seem Audio is a new tool used to inflect Terror on the Civilian Population. There will be justice
    unfortunetly forgiveness will not help this matter. The issue is reacting in a way not to inflict harm on inocent
    people and reality’s they are not prepared for.

  8. Me gustaría ayudarles en lo que pueda la verdad es que ya no me importa mi vida si necesitan un sacrificio o algo parecido contacte me y are lo posible para ayudar… Gracias por su atención

  9. Hi, I love your guys videos. I am turning to you because I need your help because I’m being extorted by people for money.I don’t want to turn to the deep web because I do not want any further complications.I know that you do not like people doings like what these guys are up to. Please can you Assist?

  10. I don’t know if it means anything, but not only do I want to help, I want to be prepared. If possible, let me know either way.

  11. Anonymous brothers and sisters, we are so close and our government could care less. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars going after ppl like Aaron Schultz instead of trying to figure out how to let go of the nuclear trigger!
    I am praying to our most high God everyday for all of us. Each and every memberof this idea Lord, I pray warring and protecting angels around each brother and sister, around every member of our families, and also I pray for you Lord to change the aggressive hearts of world leaders, especially in the US. Grant us a way God to get the truth out to our people, and put a delay and obstruction in the way of leaders who are trying to be right, rather than care about the good of huminity as a whole. In Jesus Name I pray.

  12. I am still in school, however my decision matters and what I think should not be shut down. The people should not judge one’s response based on age or gender. I vote equality to the people. All people!
    I have been following your work for a while now. While I haven’t viewed in a while, I am still here. All I need to know is if you are out there, waiting for me.

  13. Hi. Anonyms I want to you which that to say.I support you I am an ordinary man from the CIS I want you to help as with you связатьсья. I want with you to do to the world better and to punish avid to the official and false jars. If in it will read I to you thank you

  14. Hi anonymous, I love the videos and I believe in what you guys are doing. I turn to you for help, as like Menanteau, I too am being extorted for money and do not want to go to the deep web to make anymore complication. I know that you do not like people doing things like this to other people. Please assist me in any way you can…

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