Anonymous – We must stop what is coming… (Message to All Nations 2017-2018)

Anonymous – We must stop what is coming… (Message to All Nations 2017-2018)

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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  1. Anonymous – We must stop what is coming… (Message to All Nations 2017-2018)

    • Okay, so perhaps you would consider me a normal person commenting on a website dedicated to Activism, some girl dreaming up these ridiculous things and merely HOPING they’ll come true, but I’m dead serious.
      It seems as though you guys are calling a World Wide Movement, and it can’t be a coincidence that I was thinking of starting my own a day ago.
      Strange how illusions work.
      Anyways, my movement is based upon art, and love, and good things, because killing people really isn’t my game to play, and, as much as I would like to change the world through kindness (not cliche), it isn’t possible without a lot of people involved.
      You know, a Banksy-style thing, or Atticus.
      I’m not sure how to begin.
      I’m not sure who to ask for help.
      But if you could at least promote the various movements around the world, including mine, if possible, that would make for a great start.
      You’re already completing the unthinkable.
      And we love you for it.

      • Love it the greatest power that we have as spiritual beings, but it is important to be aware of the tactics of the elite. They often use seemingly good things such as love in order to divide us, getting people to claim moral superiority over each other. Revolution does not have to be bloody, in fact it would almost certainly cost less lives than are taken daily by the elite. Do not listen to the mainstream media, they are bribed and funded by the elite and use politics to divide us. Use the internet and your mind to find out what’s really happening, and come to your own conclusion. They will keep us distracted and content with bread and circuses, most of the world is asleep and even those who are awake do not act. Follow the money, that is where the power is.

        • Yes, Anonymous, exactly. I find it alarming at how many people remain blind to the veil, and what tricks the Elites play with us, but bloodlust is not our game to throw the dice into and I hope there are more people who appreciate the power of creativity and love in the world, as we’ve become short of it lately.
          I cry for society.
          I hope we continue to have a bigger impact on the masses, all of us combined.

        • Hi,how can de stop the third world war?
          Is the elite manipulating internet as well?
          Is the decline of the elite’s power the reason for a world war?
          Is Humanity going to be destroyed soon?
          I love your clarity

        • I wanna learn more and be taught more on where to look I’m watching a bunch your videos and your spot on with lot of this stuff

      • The thing is, there are so many groups out there that share your ideals and truly hope to make a change! The Dollars is a group of people founded based off of a anime. While this may seem like a joke to some, the real Dollars have actually been making a real difference! Our members are in the hundreds of thousands, and every day we go out and try to make the world a better place in anonymous ways. In October, every member of the dollars goes to their local blood bank and donates as much as they can, resulting in a HUGE surge in life saving blood and plasma. If you’re serious about helping the world, stop on by!, the password to get in is baccano.

        -Because the World isn’t as Bad as You Think.

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    • I was the guy carrying the nuclear briefcase when Reagan was shot. I was framed for crimes to cover-up the truth about what happened that day. I was supposed to be awarded 10 million dollars for what was done to me. This money was taken from me after I was awarded it. The US Government, FBI, CIA and local law enforcement took part in framing me for a crime I never committed to keep me quiet as well as force me to give back a contract I had with Bill Gates and Paul Allen which proved I owned 1/3 of Microsoft since 1981. The US-China Trade agreement had everything to do with why Reagan was shot that day. I can tell you more when you email me. I am going to do something to collect my money from the US Government. I need Anonymous to help me get the word out to the world as to what really happened that day and why. I believe the American people will stand with me when I go to collect my money from the Banks by force. Will you help me? I will also need people when I go to collect who can video tape what happens.

    • Please do something against animal torture in China, SouthKorea, Thailand.
      Thaiwan has now a Law to protect animals from legal Torture. Mabe You heard about the Dog Meat trade, and the Yulin DogmeatFestival happens Right NOW in CHINA… Tousend of Dogs are tortured right now on a horrible way. Tousend of Stars, animal help Organisations ask China to stop this, but they want not hear. So they have to feel. Thank you to do something very good.

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  3. I met a very bad boss, every month we pay 8000 yuan RMB salary of embezzle part of what, is he left more than 1000 yuan, around the world, of course, this kind of things much more special, but I still hope to get your help, hope to be able to help me justice, or to punish him。

  4. I met a very bad boss, every month we pay 8000 yuan RMB salary of embezzle part of what, is he left more than 1000 yuan, around the world, of course, this kind of things much more special, but I still hope to get your help, hope to be able to help me justice, or to punish him.

  5. How do you guys keep up on all this information? It is amazing what you guys do. I have trouble just watching the news knowing its all a lie. How do you guys know the truth? Are you really everywhere?

  6. Dear Anonymous, Just the other day I attended the Climate March in Washington, D.C. The day after I visited “The international spy museum” and I was intrigued by what I had learned. I found myself staring at a mask like the one your wearing. I have been intrigued for years trying to figure out the Illuminati and who is really to be trusted. I feel like your coding messages. What is really to be expected and how do normal people stop it? I’m fearful we are running out of time. Please if you know something.. And I think you do then please do whatever you can.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    I come from a small country called Malta, located in the middle of the Mediterranean. We are an Independent state, we have fought to become so after being ruled by foreign rulers for over 2000 years. Our country’s politics are monopolised by two parties, the Nationalist, and the Labour Party. The Labour Party are currently in Government, and their leader has called an early election yesterday as he is in the middle of a scandal, a scnadal which involves him, his wife and his closest allies. They are laundering money through shell companies, money transferred from other tyrant families such as the current regime in Azerbaijan. They are criminals, crooks and thieves which are holding on to their power and have called an election now cause polls are in their favour. I fear for my country. These people are tyrants. Should this election be won by them, they have already threatened to ‘get rid of’ one of Malta’s best investigative journalists, the one who brought all their deceit to light, Daphne Caruana Galizia. You might recognise her name from the now infamous Panama Papers, as it was through her brilliant work that these came to surface. My fear is this: they are threatening freedom of speech. Should they gain power once more (and the Maltese sheep who follow this corrupt leader blindly will make sure he does get elected again), anyone speaking against their corruption will be in grave danger. How can I do something about this? I feel so enraged that I just have to accept their corrupt ways and my only say is my vote – which will be nullified by the amount of rigged votes they have already prepared! I feel too strongly not to do anything about this, but I don’t know what I can do.

  8. Здравствуйте! Я так думаю, что в вашей организации есть русские. Я обычная девушка, живущая в маленьком городе России, по моему мнению, вы это и так знаете. Меня очень волнует судьба России, так как я здесь живу всю жизнь, я знаю, как строится наше государство. Здесь лишь коррупция, война за власть и мошенничество. Здесь либо тебя обворовывает власть, либо ты её. У меня нет каких-то сверх познаний в хакерском искусстве, я совсем немного знаю английский язык, но я очень хочу изменить свою страну, так как вся её экономика строится на обычных людях. Я знаю, что многого хочу, но всё таки, может быть вы увидите это сообщение и захотите обучить обычную девушку своим тонкостям. Во мне очень много энтузиазма, я очень целеустремлённая, и очень быстро учусь. Я знаю, что вы можете всё, знаете, что я не связана с какими-либо полицейскими организациями. Я очень буду ждать письма от вас на своей электронной почте.

  9. The more the elite take from us the weaker they get and the stronger we get. When enough sheeple loose the physical material they think make them “happy humans”, that’s when they will begin to take action.

    Me personally, I am an indigo. I have known since the 80’s that there was something sinister and ruthless going on in this system. The system itself is one big extortion scheme. The elites use humanity and this planet as their sandbox. However, we come from a higher source. Whatever mindset which makes the elites think our source is not gearing up to thrawrt them once and for all, must be a potent mindset. Their(elites) time has come. We must know this. As we continue to KNOW they will fall, it will bolster the energy going towards their demise. Godspeed. May the Light brighten all of our paths. I love you, humanity . . .

  10. Es terrible lo que estan haciendo en Venezuela. Please help the people from Venezuela they ate starving them to death!

  11. How can I join your organisaton and What can I do to help? I need to do more than im doing now. Greetings from the Netherland

  12. Анонимус кто нибудь из вас сможет мне ну всем сказать что правдиво твориться в мире

  13. On my facebook page is a video, in the video I am used by the US GOV when I was 16. I carried the nuclear codes when Reagan was shot. Bush planned the whole thing using me as a scapegoat. I was drugged, tortured and turned into a mind control slave. Watch the video and share if you want the truth to be told and the scum removed from power. I need those of you at Anonymous to help me spread the word about the truth.

  14. I know what’s coming, i read thru your book not for everyone, i KNOW who the beast is, who the dragon is, churches will NOT listen. please message me through my fb page Geoff Browne or WW3 ‘nuclear’ updates and warnings… we NEED to get every asset ready because China isn’t playing a game anymore 🙁 I am an Australian and i have been warning our government for months now , i have no cell phone but i have people who want to take out China’s quantum satellite

  15. To Anon I solute you. I am proud to see the work continue. The tools and ideology upon which our technology arose from, that spirit of the shadowed rebel lives on and with it the hope that the fight is far from over. The technology that enslaves us is the technology that will free us. VIVA LA RESISTANCE

  16. Please help the defenseless dogs and cats in Yulin.

    In this modern society there is no reason to eat animals at all.

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