Anonymous – Watch This and Know Something is Going On!

Anonymous Watch this and know something is going on!

Help by spreading this information, and facts the government doesn’t want you to know.

The new world order elites, have created an economical system that it’s unfair for the most of us. We are being extracted in every possible way, and in this video, we will see 6 common ways the elites use to steal our wealth!

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Anonymous – Watch This and Know Something is Going On!

16 Comments on Anonymous – Watch This and Know Something is Going On!

    • How do we contact an Anonymous member personally? Do you guys have the ability to find our contact without us having to say it aloud….? I just have something really important to talk about but I can’t do it on here knowing that my question would be exposed…. Please get back to me as soon as possible if you’re able to reach me.

      • i can not hack but whats your question? i know shit but you can better contact me on whatsapp because the enscryptioncode. 0644127970(it’s not my usual number)

    • im watching and tell all of yall’s dark secrets so hide in the next 12 hours everything will be released come stop me if you can come.

  1. i lost my dughter my hubby didnt answer my calling its almost 9 month i missing my daughter so much.can you help me to track wher my hubby bring my daughter ,i have no money right nowBut i can give a credit for it.Please ;( .

  2. i dont know how i should to do i dont know who i ask to help ,please contact me may be i will give my time to join with your idealism .But for now,please i need your help sir.

  3. Anonymous please i need information because i will be glad to do my senior project on this i will wait for your reply thank you.

  4. Hi Anonymous…, my name Steve from Indonesia, how are you ? I’m really really need your help, it is very very much important to me, if you don’t mind…, please help me

  5. It’s ironic how for years I’ve stayed much of what you make known in your videos.
    In the last 4 years I found out all I’ve been taught about the constitution and our freedoms is one big lie.
    For 4 years I’ve battled the crooked and pedophiles in my area. They’ve openly victimized men,women and children. Agencies in the US do not protect citizens,they protect the corrupt from exposure,liability and the truth from getting out.
    My case is a posterchild for family court corruption. Even with undeniable evidence of trafficking,rights violations and numerous crimes nothing is done. The family courts are being used to steal children and Rob citizens of their wealth. There is no protection for citizens,only layers of corruption,racketeering and pedophile rings that reach to the AGs office in the state i live and other agencies,this has been investigated and is a fact.

  6. also just a regular man with a idea. I don’t hack I don’t like wars. I dont Hate or agree on destruction as answers. Cause truthfully im just being honest. Is making people side n eliminate such groups called elites and kinda doing what was said to be wrong. Hummm. But ya I am just saying we all know what is kind and loving and helping and what feels right by goodness. By God of choice which shud be free to believe free to dream free to have hope. Free to live equal as possible. No control but mere suggestion of choice. But for better of us all. I’m just saying. But I’m one man with dreams of many

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