16 Comments on Anonymous – This is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen! (2017-2018)

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  2. Is this seriously a thing? are we seriously in this war?
    A war where we attack Religion? No one can have freedom in this world because someone was pity about their religion!
    And now, were so self absorbed about our faces online? Our faces!! ONLINE!!!

    Our world needs a fix. were all selfish. Every single one of us. You. Me. Him. Her. Doesn’t matter. we need a fix, and that fix isn’t religion. it isn’t a speech. It’s an eye opening catastrophe to make everyone realize what they have!
    even then no will understand or care. No one does…

    I’m sorry Anonymous, this world is fucked.

    But thank you for trying. Thank you for opening our eyes.

  3. People here need to realize that there is no room for stupidity in this time. Especially those who can’t take this seriously. Please be more Mature people. Not just for yourselves, but the whole world.

  4. A few week’s ago I was talking to a Muslim friend and he said that Catholics and Muslim have the same god? I don’t know if this is true, does anyone know the truth, I mean does anyone really know?

  5. 13thSlave: lol not a chance impossible unless their gods lie and deny themselves. Not going to get in it here but what they denounce will cancel each-other out.

  6. Same god but different perspective. All religions have the same aim just follow a different path. Very few chose their religion. We are born into it so we are brainwashed from a very young age. The message with all religions is to be compassionate, have empathy and help when you can. This ideal was lost in the 70’s with the corporate control and success in making us consumers and giving us the ME Me Me mentality. We have lost the idea of making life good for everyone. We only think of what we can have and obtain and screw everyone else. Most chose to turn a blind eye to the truth. Religion is for peace of mind. We can do what is right ethical and moral without it.

  7. eradicate religion or christianity….crazy on either…Im happy to be christian and id gladly go over there and talk to them about their religions. glady persecute me…

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