22 Comments on Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (2017-2018 EVENTS)

  1. Thank you, Legion. Freedom is free. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Thank you for inspiring me to become a grey hat hacker, and I owe my whole life to you Anonymous. I have decided that i’m joining Anon. Thank you, Legion.

  2. not really how to word this but here it goes. I think its eventually going to happen… a war. How bad we get hit, where? when? im sure only the great elites will know. But the fact that there will be no warning for any americans even if we strike first. when the first missles are being launched how much time after will the american people be notified ? if at all ? and then what bunker down ? is it safe to go to military base’s for help near residence? or will they ship all the men in trucks off to north korea.

  3. Se simplesmente pararmos todos nem que seja só por um dia , sairmos há rua e estivermos simplesmente seja onde for parados , calados , somente parados, eles iriam perceber que sem nós eles não são nada

  4. Had dreams of North Korea bombing Alaska northern California us send a special force to kill Kim afterwards and accomplish it. Maybe the us is the real threat to the world and north Korea are the smart ones defending themselves.

  5. People…..there is no “memberships” ….anonymous is all of us…working together for the greater cause …of you want to join, attend a march, stand up for the “little guy” who doesn’t have a voice, and arm yourself with truth and knowledge!

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