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  1. Greetings Anonymous,

    In many countries, politicians are working for the nation, but Turkey is not one of that countries. Turkey has been suffering, because government is stealing money and assigning its uneducated partisans to important manners. Turkey has been suffering from this for ten years.
    Government elected, but being elected does not give to anyone a dictatorial power and right of stealing.

    Government has been brainwashing and manipulating people just like in the North Korea. Everyone assumed ministers were innocent, despite the evidences like recorded phone callings. They blocked internet sites and arrested people whoever they wanted. They fired the teaching stuff. They tried to delete evidences, when they failed then they blocked the connection ways.

    We know that your acts are the stimulus that causes the blind people’s eyes to see again. They threw us into the darkness of pure ignorance. They removed our eyes because we saw their real side. We know that you are the eyes of the blinds. We need you but we are not begging you for justice. We need you because we want a REVENGE.

    You are Anonymous.
    You are Legion.
    You do not Forgive.
    You do not Forget.
    We are expecting you.

  2. Our family wants to thank moralfags for your work in exposing the truth about how corrupt and opaque our government has become. We’ve seen all of your videos (and, unfortunately, a few on Utube that we quickly realized could not have come from your organization). Your work is as important as Wikileaks. I tell all my friends to check out 4 chan and the Anonymous Official website.

    We hope you will continue to work for good. We’re glad you didn’t choose anarchy. We also support freedom from censorship, freedom from oppression, freedom to pursue happiness as long as it isn’t at someone else’s expense. We applaud you effort to remove the tax free status of religion (we’d like to see that go further than just scientology; although we see value in knowing there is something greater than yourself, the flip side is that we have also seen the misery caused by fundamentalist zealots of all stripes… including atheists who pursue a dogmatic atheism with religious fervor). We think all businesses (including religion-businesses) should pay to rebuild the infrastructure we need to be able to feed the people. We hope you will also oppose those who think money is more important than the state of the earth. We hope you will support an end to the crazy drug war as well as all other wars; we understand those who need to escape in order to find solace. We hope you will help expose how shameful it is that our country is jailing and killing (mostly) black men and otherwise oppressing poor people of every race and gender. We hope you will expose our broken medical system, and oppose the insurance company and pharmaceutical company sharks for what they are. Perhaps selfishly, we also hope you will be able to expose Trump’s tax returns soon because, despite the fact that we think Hilary is a hawk and far too eager to preserve the status quo, we also believe from all our political studies that Trump will prove himself a total dictator who will be quite happy to shut down the internet. But we understand if you would just rather stay out of political gamesmanship. You can’t fix everything.

    We wish we were younger so we could be hactivists, but we want you to know we will do everything possible to help you–but you need to teach us how. It is so uplifting to know that civil disobedience isn’t dead. Please don’t be too disappointed to hear that you’ve been so successful you even appeal to (fairly) mainstream people like us. We remember a time when we imagined everyone over 30 was irrelevant. Experience taught us that no human is irrelevant.

    We are working on uploading our first video, an homage to Anonymous. Be patient, as I’m only beginning to learn the technology you know so well. We’ll try to make it as funny as possible, because we think humor is as effective as fear in the short run, and more effective in the long run. In it, we plan to let you know that many older people like us need easier instructions on how to encrypt our internet communications, because if any of you ever need refuge, we want to make it possible for you to come to our homes without fear of reprisal from the oppressors.

    Finally, we want to apologize. We didn’t know enough in our youth about how to be effective in opposing the power mongers we’ve seen develop over the years. On the plus side, we’ve learned from experience how to stand up to power fearlessly. We can teach you how to continue on when the odds are against you.

    Well, I’ve got to go remind friends to watch the debates on some non-corporate media like Democracy Now or TYT, prepare to not be too depressed when the hard-working (and likely well-meaning) but predictably elitist, conformist old woman fails to beat the old bullying xenophobe in their game of thrones as we move one step closer to the most horrifying election outcomes in America’s history.

    Please. If there is anything more you can do to prevent World War III, please tell us how to help. We truly need heroes. We’ll be thinking of you. Keep safe!

    • Vraiment, Je n’ suis pas un dirigeant. Je suis une femme vieux avec un education Americain typique; sans tous les autres langues, mais Francaise-la langue plus belle– en particuliere. Je regret! Parlez vous Englais?

  3. hope u have the time to reply i need to ask u for a favor since this gov is such a disappointment u are the only other person that i can trust i have known of u but have been scared to contact u fear of rejection hope u have a min

    • I’m not sure who to trust, either, Yvette–but I’m working on finding out. If I can help you, I will; let me know how. I am trying to set up a website so I can sort through all incoming mail more easily, but have a lot going on so don’t know how fast I’ll be able to get it all done. For now, this is probably the best way to communicate but do realize that this is my real name, I have no special encryption (because I have nothing to hide) so I worry about whether anyone who writes me needs to be careful or not.

  4. Anonymous says we need to stand up to the corruption and not allow it. Awesome! I’m all for it! Now what!?!? I don’t understand what we as people are supposed to do next? Stand on the White House lawn and raise my fist and say we don’t want this? I just don’t understand how we are supposed to “stand up and against it all??”

  5. World War 3 is the final step, the final solution to obtaining global government. The people do not want it, but the illuminated ones see it as a worthy agenda. One so worthy, that they are willing to destroy millions of lives to achieve it. Thus, to create a desperate enough environment that people will want global peace, they have to take away the peace. This is why the west is being illegally flooded with mass immigration from people who hate them and know not peace. It is a sure method of escalating the violence to such an extent, that severe measures must be employed to restore the peace. WWIII began a long time ago – and is now so close to its projected goal, that it is detectable by its everyday manifestations seen on the news.

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    also I like your monopoly board photo and would like to use that as our company monopoly movements background skin as you can see its perfect for us.

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