Anonymous – The Brit who tried to kill Trump Full Documentary

Anonymous – The Brit who tried to kill Trump Full Documentary

Documentary examining the case of Michael Sandford, who was arrested after trying to shoot Donald Trump during the US presidential campaign.

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  1. Any chance you guys create a section on this website for articles? I personally would rather share an article and be able to read stories anywhere you guys post. Reguardless, love your content and more news would be nice considering a lot of us do not trust any media corporation.

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  4. why you make a mistery out of the motive …it is ideology: he says you can kill someone if the person is racist…
    even mental insane can be ideological insane
    ideology doesnt need a sane mind, it just needs ideas that authorize to kill for ideas and vice versa: ideology can take over very sane minds ….

  5. To Anonymous , I respect and agree what you are doing its time for change , I saw the clip of 2015 to South Africa , can we expect more ?

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