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56 Thoughts to “Anonymous – The Brit who tried to kill Trump Full Documentary”

  1. Anonymous - The Brit who tried to kill Trump Full Documentary

    Anonymous – The Brit who tried to kill Trump Full Documentary

    1. Paula schuerger

      This is a beautifully done documentary.

    2. Getmad

      Why is this video now blocked in the United States?

      1. iwonttell

        thats alright u can view it in the following website

    3. Mark

      I am not a fan of Anonymous though of course they do do some good. Can’t you guys look into this


    4. Christof

      Strange i cant play this video, anymore???

      1. Unknown

        I tried searching anonymous and it took me back to my home screen.

    5. SHANE

      Says access to this video has been blocked in my country.
      I’m from North western wisconsin. I’d like help exposing what has been going on in atleast 3 counties in my area. I’ve been idoly threatened,retaliated against and even had on of my kids taken hostage to keep my mouth shut until they finished violating my rights.
      Mine isn’t the only case of this. Last year one of these people’s victims was shot to death when she broke from the legal abuse. All sorts of illegal and unconstitutional activity targeting teen females,mom’s and their father’s along with stealing kids. My court records for 8 months were destroyed to hide this judges and his cronies crimes. For 3 decades people here have been victimized.
      This group is responsable for predatory sex and financial crimes against 300+ minors and vulnerable women. The group has people in the schools aswell. The facts are already there,a former marine and others including myself have collected alot of evidence. For 4 years I’ve fought there people. I’m not safe and what has gone on sofar is proof in not safe.

    6. GliTch

      Anonymous. This is a message for you. I’m trying to find the perfect program for hacking my PayPal account for money. I trust that you know of such programs. Email me. Or any one who knows of a legit program.

    7. LK

      Can’t view it but my initial gut reaction is- too bad he failed. The world could have been a better place because of it.

  2. Ellen Please take out Obama’s financing and communications. Send a message that they will not succeed in overthrowing or assaniating our President.

  3. Ellen lease take out Obama’s financing and communications. Send a message that they will not succeed in overthrowing or assaniating our President.

  4. Jack

    Any chance you guys create a section on this website for articles? I personally would rather share an article and be able to read stories anywhere you guys post. Reguardless, love your content and more news would be nice considering a lot of us do not trust any media corporation.

  5. james estes

    i never knew trump was nearly killed

    1. Tsar Putin

      Neither did I …

  6. james estes

    how would i execute a javascript exploit

  7. Z

    I want to be one of them ?

    1. Anonymous

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    2. someone

      im trying
      it has lots of security

    1. Unknown

      Same. Trump is just misunderstood. He’s a good person.

    2. ramsey

      can i join you sir

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  9. Anounymouse

    Anounymouse i need you to please hack into he pentagon.

    1. someone

      y don’t u use cmd or terminal to get in

    2. JD

      I ask Anonymous to look into and expose the Widespread theft and corruption at Washington State Tribal Casinos where every Game is rigged and controlled by the Casinos Management. Citizens are At great risk, being profiled and targated to vicious financial exploitations. Where payments and jackpots are fixed and rewarded selectively to preferred players or runners conspiring with the casino crooks. a splare ptotal mercy of the casinos. There won’t be any other solution than exposing the culprits and the widespread corruption including within the tribal and state regulation and enforcement agencies who failed the citizens by not taking serious actions.

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  11. thewomanfromaustrianotaustralia

    why you make a mistery out of the motive …it is ideology: he says you can kill someone if the person is racist…
    even mental insane can be ideological insane
    ideology doesnt need a sane mind, it just needs ideas that authorize to kill for ideas and vice versa: ideology can take over very sane minds ….

  12. Christou Rademeyer

    To Anonymous , I respect and agree what you are doing its time for change , I saw the clip of 2015 to South Africa , can we expect more ?

  13. Rohan Jaiswal

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    1. Christou Rademeyer

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    1. Cindy Bishop

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  19. Marte

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  20. John Doe

    The Freemasons are under a ancient curse from exodus, Nimrod’s Ideology is kill steal destroy, hints Babylonian empire, hint statue of liberty and nimrods flame, hint nimrods statue in new York hand coming out of the ground. Babylonian the Great is the world system as a whole. Prepare Yourselves. The truth is always profound Brothers and Sisters.

  21. Baz

    Good doc by the BBC. Proper journalism

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  23. mr S

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  24. Mr. Xed

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  27. Rk

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  28. me

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