21 Comments on Anonymous – Something is Definitely Coming! (2017-2018)

  1. Video compilation message is: US–BE FRIGHTENED, SCARED! DANGER ALL AROUND, BAD GUYS ALL OVER–WE ARE GOING TO DIE HELPLESS. OMG!” Now, who sent this video compilation of scare? Hint: RT is a source often shown. Anonymous Kremlin fingers, perhaps some Peking ones too, likely sent much of the rest.
    When incoming “news” is selectively bad and scary for us, is slanted so that the US and allies look helpless and the other side(s) are terrible, irresistible, mindless robotic destructors, the message is be afraid afraid afraid! Pull back! Let the bad guys have full rein.

    OR we might reflect on Mattis’ idea: Let the other guys lose sleep over US. But it might happen that some masses of people, mil. types or perhaps city folk, must take some nasty hits before the crazies back off.

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  5. Holy shit, I’m disappointed in this fucking world.
    Racist pricks.
    You have no fucking idea.

    Let’s get our shit together and maybe even improve the fucking world, yeah? I’m sick and tired of all this.
    I’ll support Anonymous to the very end.
    And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

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