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  1. Speaking for myself, as an American I am aware of the dishonesty in our government as seen by our current political state – a tragic theft by a few leaders who hide behind the curtain of intense wealth and greed. However, our media is being blacked out, our government appears to be taking military action in other countries without our knowledge and our citizens are finding out by way of facebook posts and other personal sources. Within our country we are facing tragic experiences daily that are not even making news – like the Dakota pipeline horror – last I heard that reporters were being jailed for attempting to report this news. Frankly, it’s very disturbing to watch our government line us all up for demise by turning other countries against us and we having no control to balance the system or even speak for ourselves. I am tragically sorry for events that have unfolded and are unfolding in the world due to the greed of those in power in the U.S. They have used years of propaganda to turn our own citizens against one another and foreign individuals. Please know that many of us do not approve or support this mindless and reckless behavior. We just don’t yet know how to stop it. Peace to the world and may we find a humane solution to heal the addictive illness of greed.

  2. Are you guys playing games or what? You promised a OCTOBER SURPRISE regarding the Clintons, Bill and a video of him in a compromising position w/a 13 year old. I have a document to substantiate your promise. Also, I’ve been contacting other pages .. with no results. PLEASE PERMIT ME TO SAY THIS – YOUR CREDITABILITY IS ON THE LINE.

    • They are Russian hackers with Putin as the boss(thats why they can’t find anything on Trump)they are jokes.if you reseach for yourself a women is suing Trump for taking her virginity at 13 at Epsteins and now Anonymous finds a tape of Bill doing the same thing total joke.

  3. Trump is destroying the United States and putting its citizens at risk! Someone has to silence this madman or expose him through the release of his tax records. Help us stop this pure evil that has been let loose on our society.
    Anonymous. Are you our only hope. please restore world order. Anonymous. Help us. You are our only hope.

    • I JUST SAW A UTUBE SHOWING #3 LEADER OVER IN RUSSIA, ” you vote for HILLARY THERE WILL BE WAR YOU VOTE FOR TRUMP THERE WILL BE PEACE ON EARTH.IF THERE IS WAR THIS WILL BE VERY LAST PRESIDENT AMERICA WILL EVER HAVE. ” I firmly believe this cause we look so stupid , we are going through a Party Coup. HER, DOUBLE AGENT FOR CHINA, LIES, BRIBES TO FBI DEPT.o f JUSTICE. espionage, racketeering . There are RUSSIANS IN ALASKA NOW MAKING PRESENCE known and we are on Border of Norway and Russia. She is Straight out of Saul Alinsky handbook , Her mentor her Thesis . Blame your opponent FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. !!! THAT TRAITOR SOLD 20 % OF OUR URANIUM TO RUSSIA, NOW SHE IS BACK -STABBING PUTIN.Y OU DO NOT FUCK WITH RUSSIA THESE GUYS ARE NOT PUSSYS OR WIMPS. !!! HE IS A MASTER STRATEGIST, HIGH IQ, NO DUMMY. TRUMP is RIGHT, ” OUTSMARTING IDIOTS OVE HERE” . She is a deranged Psychopath as The Guy said Who is Richer than her. And Taking his planes and anything he can Cause Grand Thieves Clinton’s Robbed the people in Haiti , A Documentary , took their resources GOLD mine rights , SO They and their Pals could get richer.Google Berta Caseres. Hillary IS THE PUPPET OF GEORGE SOROS THE GREAT FAMILY OF HIS WERE NAXI COLLABERSTORS, got RICH OFF OF JEWS AND HE IS AN EVIL 1, robbing his own peoole. WOW. HITLER ON EARTH, GAVE 500,000,000$ TO BLACK LIVES MATTER.C create Race Wars. We are now entering the DESTABLIZATION OF USA. WE ALREADY ARE 5 YRS OVER, WITH DEMORALIZATION. So, the Master Plan of D E M …2016-2025. She was offered a job by Saul early yrs, ‘ no I’ll stay here and work internally “. PEOPLE NEED TO WISE- UP GET OUT OF STOCKHOLM SYNDROME AND WATCH ” CLINTON CHRONICLES ” AND GOOGLE CLINTON MURDERS AND OBAMA MURDERS. 144 + EACH. ” Our country has literally been hi jacked. WE R NOT SAFE HERE AT ALL IF SHE WINS OR IF OBAMA DECIDES TO STAY. Moon in Aquarius Election Day, ” Shocking News ! “. NOTHING WILL SUPRISE ME AND THESE SERIAL KILLERS WILL BLAME IT ALL ON LITTLE OLE RUSSIA. ” We appear stupid, complacent, weak .” Where is Eisenhower or JFK when we need them. Or Gen Patton Macarthur. ALLOWING HER TO GET THIS FAR COULD BE OUR TOTAL DESTRUCTION. ” She loves VIOLENCE, A PSYCHOPATH AT IT’S VERY WORSE. ” NOT SAME PERSON OFF THE CAMERA.

  4. U must rise up the power has and always will be yours the thought or feeling of being powerless is an illusion brought on by the system implemented by those who run the world banks and through there money and connections that has rooted itself in all things and places of so called power there whim is cast down to u as law and has grown to the point that u are being bottle feed everything u think u no in an attempt through fear and distractions that literally make up apart of your life such as tv an especially the news and other various methods have created a blanket of sheer bliss and ignorance coated with fear to most to keep u from the truth being u the people have the power to change the things u can no longer accept aka drag them from there decadence and so called places of power and hold them responsible for in my mind literally all things that plague our society for they control all and when things go bad it is because they designed it to u the people as a majority have been deceived and lied to and have allowed them to come as far as they have but there must be a point an awakening to the world around u to see with the eyes that the Almighty Creator has given u and stand up to these tyrants that oppose u with all they have created. Since the beginning of America our family and moral up holdings has been under attack but that was a small step to separate us confuse us have us pitted against one another after so long they do nothing but sit back and watch us do it to ourselves understand this that there are only two sides in this war and they are not republican or democrat that is a distraction the whole presidency is no more than just a figure head so to speak there are those who in there hearts no that the world around us is wrong that the “govern”meant lies and instead does what the name implies and governs u under there control and then there are those whom are simply asleep and trapt in a dream like state brought on by there rulers ever so cunningly for the masses of sheep that do as that are told is the only true power being wielded against u as well as the dark forces that seek our destruction through the corruption of the hearts and souls of men that started all that has and will come. This was a very small summary of the problem facing us all today, I apologize for my lack of proper writing, PLS above all things Look to God I no many don’t even believe any more or never did but I beg the to pray and make a connection with him and be right with him when it is your time for we are in the end times we are living in revelations and our situation is going to get MUCH MUCH UGLIER that I assure u. The eagle will fall just as it was meant to, for God has told us the future that we cannot stop for it is written, I would very much like to believe that a voice is shouting out ever stronger awakening more and more of our fellow man to stand and fight the kings and queen of yesterday that have conspired together against us today. I cannot speak for others but tho I no what is to come I will not stand down and allow them there victory so easily, tho to most I am young I started my fight long ago and I will not stop until I am no more for true victory is assured to those who hold Jesus in there hearts for he is the key to everlasting life. Remember the life of the flesh is a short one rott with temptations and demons maskerading as kings. Hold fast in your hearts the son of God and his teachings for judgment is upon us all.

    • I whole heartedlyrics honor this. And as gods people we must fight back. I’ve made a post just a bit ago similar to yours. We must fight back!

  5. Everyone… it’s time for all of us to fight back. In the constitution, we are able to overthrow, we must fight back whether it be in the name of our forefathers, or by the name of our god. We have just a few weeks before this election. We MUST fight. With all we have and with all of our being.

    I am dead serious.

    It’s time to stop the Clinton’s with our own hands. It’s time to stop the corruption of our country, it is time to take matters into our own hands. We are the citizens of these United states. And the people of God. And the ones whom have been given this opportunity to stop the madness and corruption that is this government. I know full well that we as a whole know what is going on and we know ways to stop it. Are we going to stay put? I’m not. I will fight. I will stand and I will not let this go on anymore.

    I am a citizen of the United states, I will not disclose my exact location. But I assure you all that there are our final moments before we are all dead unless we stand against them. Form a revolution and fight..
    It’s been done before. , without the master items that we currently have. Work with Anonymous, work with wikileaks and work with the info and power that I know we have. Spiritually, physically and mentally. We have power over corruption. We have power over hatred . And we hold the truth and this is what we must use against them.


  6. Im an a alskan fisherman and japan and our USA company has been nickel and dimeing us to the point of collapse. Trident Seafoods in Seattle W.A. . We fisherman need help in Alaska. Please help us in any way you can..in 89 we got 2.80 for our fish after the exon spill happened and we could not harvest our fish .the next year we sold our fish for 90 cents and it has not improved…we need help…im a shipwright also and have been working on boats repairing them since i was 8. Im tired of seeing my brother fisherman go bankrupt one after another with the procesing companys lowering prices so low.

  7. Each country pursuing its interest and What we’re saying now in the Arab countries is a catastrophe. Everyone dying every day and the powerful countries produce weapons and soldiers and all the equipment for all its territory Davaa

  8. Anonymous, keep up the good works. You have many many admirers. You keep the playing field balanced. Who watches the watchman? YOU DO! Thank you!

  9. The people must awaken to the power we possess. We must take control of what has become a currupt government that has controlled us for too long. Anonymous is simply acting as the alarm clock , it is up to us to wake up or stay dreaming

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