Anonymous – New Year Important Message 2017

Anonymous New Year Important Message

2016 was a year of awakening, once secret data was leaked, and the citizens of the world began to stand together. 2016 armed the general population with knowledge, knowledge that if used correctly could truly change the world for the better!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – New Year Important Message 2017

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  1. How do I join Anonymous? The world is exactly what you’ve been saying it is. I want to help fight the corrupt and save our country. Please respond, For I know if it is only me fighting… I do not stand a chance. But, standing together…. well, they will have no.chance!

    • There is no way to officially join anonymous. It’s not that kind of an organization.

      If you identify as Anonymous, and you fight for The Cause in any way, you are Anonymous.

      • Thank you for standing for truth, liberty, justice, and human rights. I understand my responsibility, and I stand with you in this good fight!

  2. I will like to join and help too. The world frightens but I do sense a feeling of awakening that must be used in a profitable way for humanity. How should I mobilize myself in order to make my voice louder together with other persons?

  3. Dear anonymous, I have always been different from the society and people itself. I have fallen fron humanity and want bothing but the truth. I am at depths I have never been in and now realize the world I live in. I seek for help to reassure of what I have discovered. This is my last hope.

  4. How do we join or show our support for anonymous? I have shared videos on Facebook. Is this the way to support the group? By spreading word and having others do the same?

    • You do not join anonymous but become one with them. The way you can show support is not only by sharing these news articles but to also wear the mask with pride to all the events Anonymous holds for the public.

  5. I want to do what I want to do. My surroundings doesn’t let me by giving all these responsibilities. Should I fuck it all?

  6. i need you to hack nigeria govtment we are suffering over here, and i really want to be a part of being anonymous. I want to be anonymous

  7. Please help us. My son and i are being tortured by the Brotherhood of cops. I know it is them. They drive by always with sirens and put their spot lights at my windows. They use the apartment above to chemical us so bad my mouth had sores. We vomit etc. They use darpa implants on my son. We never knew the word darpa till they yelled it at my son. We are terrified not sure what started this to happen but so scarey. They can control your life. Help please what do we do. They even monitor im sure my phone. I change password daily.

  8. Can I join it’s seems I can make a difference on stop people for the monster they are so I can make a difference in the world if I do join

  9. Hi anonymus, if you could help we hava a lot of political corrupts in Spain, people making money from the public jobs. Business mens as Florentino Perez using power positions to get their goals

    You have work to do here….we feel fustrated to see them using the power to be rich

  10. Saya hanya ingin mencari salah satu dari kalian yang mau memberi bahan ajar untuk mwngenal lebih dalam tentang dunia hacking.
    Thank you

  11. Anonymous iam indian citizen iam of 14 year old i want to become hacker like u but please help me to become a hacker and i can able to join u 🙂 i want to give u resepect Anonymous

  12. This is the best video you have put out in a while. The past videos have been long, wordy, and exclusive. In contrast, this video is much more to the point. Sometimes your messages seem geared more toward a specific audience instead of trying to reach as many “average” Americans as possible. Even though Anonymous stands for everything against propaganda techniques, there is something to say about simply framing your message in a more reciprocal and broader manner. Anonymous is one of the only hopes America has to complete a revolution, so use your marketing intelligence!

  13. Will you make me one of you… I don’t want power but i want knowledge the knowledge to make my country peaceful and i don’t know hacking, i don’t know how to fight..but what i know is freedom and proper facilities should be given to one everyone.. The false politicians should be brought down..they already broke my country but i want this no more Will you teach me how to fight for the well being of people across the globe…i an just 14 yers old but i believe that i can be the one who will give real freedom to my country and people.. Will you stand by me?

  14. I always heard about you as a legend and think of you as the ultimate role models we could have. I just have a small request. If you can just fuck the ass of the so called militants. I seriously don’t know the implications of my rqeuest, but still, You are the anonymous!!!!

  15. you lost me when you promised a video of Clinton on orgy island and never delivered. Now your targets and messages are all over the place. Maybe you guys are as confused as the rest of us truth seekers right now. The truth is that the problem lies with manipulative power players who are from all different religions, nationalities and businesses. It has been like this for all of humanity. It’s just that the wars have the potential to become bigger and bigger. If you start the double standard crap about Jews…I’m totally out. You have to be even handed or you are not credible in my book. Avoiding WWIII is #1 in my book of priorities.

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