Anonymous – Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros!

Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros

Help by spreading this information, and facts the government doesn’t want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros!

22 Comments on Anonymous – Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros!

    • Well, this was posted by NBC today, 1/18/17, but it is not from the Anonymous official website, Instead it is from “@youranoncentral”. And I don’t recall any earlier videos from the official website threatening to take Donald Trump down at all. Please respond if possible.

      • I’m sorry. The link from NBC was not published. It stated that Trump will regret the next four years, and that anything on the web is always their including ties to child trafficking and Russian…something.

  1. I can’t understand what you are saying sometimes. Please attach a transcript.
    Responsive + user friendly = most affective.
    Thanks for your service.

    • I also ask that you please attach a transcript. Normally the audio is easy to understand. This one, which I very much want to clearly hear, seems to have a problem with (what I assume is) the computerized voice on the punctuation. I’ve listened twice and still get lost trying to translate the sentence structure as I listen. I thank you for the analyses and information you provide!

    • Thank you for your efforts to gather and publish information. If possible could you turn down the background music when giving the report? It’s a little hard to focus on what’s being said because the music takes over. All the best. I look forward to listening to future reports and to seeing Donald Trump’s tax returns.

      Thank you.

    • You must be anti-america to join this pathetic group. This group is for the destruction of the USA and must be destroyed. People who are involved with this type of behavior should be killed on sight. Anti government usually means anti christ. Not one member served in the military to protect this country, they are cowards. Keep up the “cry baby” protests and wake the true American warriors up, you will fall like many traitors, cowards in a puddle of your own blood. FAForever

  2. come on people…anyone can claim anything they want on the internet…..this sounds like a totally right wing propaganda sight…if i am wrong i ask anyone to prove it.

  3. Blah,blah,blah… Anonymous has grown weak. You should all go back to playing your video games and leave the real hacking to us that have been doing it for over 30 years, or “grow a pair”.

  4. George Soros funding ISIS? Has Anonymous been taken over by the alt-right? What is this trash of just spreading fabricated conspiracy theories without any evidence and saying “it can all be easily found by running a Google search.” Right – find it on InfoWars – right?

  5. if even the aborigines say it is hard to understand then you can imagine it is hard to understand for foreigners also!

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