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  1. Clever man whoever created this website, making people feel special by advertising/selling the merchandise and ripping a video from YouTube every now and then. An amazon affiliate I’m guessing?

  2. Anonymous Heres the thing i have so supported everything yall have said till this … Really most of all those clips were from fake news CNN CBS ect you cant take bits and pieces of what someone says in an interview and then say they are lying or they are corrupt .. Yall know that right ! I guess yall made this video to fire them Snowflake crybabies back up again .. We dont have to worry about Trump or any other leader destroying us or ISIS destroying us BECAUSE WE ARE DESTROYING OURSELVES ..When We the people in the world decide to stop this madness and unite together to fight evil dead on .. Then thats when this world will heal .. Sad part of it is .. That will probably never happen because we are to busy destroying ourselves and those around us .. I didnt like EVIL Obama but i accepted for 8 Long miserable years that he was the President and respected that as he tore our country apart and divided us as a nation i sat back and waited because i knew it would come to end … Everyone has attacked President Trump and his family .. He is human he is a child of God and just because you dont like him doesnt give you the right to rip him to pieces .. if you dont like the way someone is doing something change it .. but dont attack them and their family .. Thank You

    • How you (Denise) talk about politics is the reason why the world is the way it is. ALL of these politically​ aligned bastards are morons. They ARE power drunk asswipes. Furthermore, they don’t even have the true power. However, if you think Trump isn’t as sinister as Obama and everyone before them you are SADLY mistaken. Just do some research and see for yourself…

      • whatever .. as i said ..our government cant destroy us if we dont allow them to … But hey thanks ! for blaming little ole me for the problems in this country ! Least im bold enough to put my real name out there instead of hiding behind a fake name js

    • P.S. ALL media outlets are owned by the same big wigs who put the dumbasses in power around the world. Why do they need dumbasses? So they can be puppets for MONEY. Nothing that Trump says has anything to do with “the people”. Ironically, “the people” support him because the majority ARE sheep. They are as dumbed down as he is…A dead brain which is pliable and controllable. WAKE UP DENISE…Your future and your kids future depend on you snapping out of the loop pattern.

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  4. There are those who come here to bring hatred and anger. They should realize that we are not here to lie or to make a sense of false hope. Yet they believe in the ways of the government. Don’t believe in everything that you see from the government. Believe in Anonymous. For equality and for justice. We need to unite, and stop fighting. I am no better, or worse than anyone else here.

    Expect Us.

  5. I’m an American that resists trash fire trump. However, I have a question for your whole community; Why have you as an organization or group of hackers have done nothing about Russia attacking the United States during an election. Are you so morally myopic? ATTACK THE RUSSIANS! Then I would have respect for Anonymous

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