Anonymous – Dear Citizens of the World

Dear Citizens of the World,

First lets make one thing clear, for the ones still not believing our words as being the truth, we are not a conspiracy created in russia or china determined to over throw the united states. As far as we can see almost all the governments of the world are poisoned by greed and enslaved by the monopoly cartel. We have been created by the very acts of violence, terror, and greed which has been used by your governments and the shadow masters ruling it to conquer the entire world.

Anonymous is everyone, everyone can take action in their own way, against their own governments. If they believe that the people working there do not serve the people’s best interest and instead serve the corporate monopoly. Action must be taken. We are not blind, and we see the problems facing asia, russia, and the middle east but first we will focus our attention to the direction of the united states of america. Here is where the most uneven distribution of wealth exists. 400 people now own more wealth than most of the united states, to be precise over 150 million people. 400 people have the same amount of money as over 150 million people.

This will only stop if we awake the people who see light very different than us. The people we are talking about spend most of their time watching foolish tv shows about celebrities and still believe their leaders only want the best for them. These TV Shows are created to redirect our attention from the real problems facing humanity. We have seen many people showing interest in wanting to help humanity head on the right track. Well, now is your chance.

Here is what you can do, all that is needed from you now is to share what you believe represents the truth of the dangers that threaten the future of our existence. Share this information in any way you can. Anywhere you can. Spread the word to everybody. The power is with the people and always has been. Your governments know very well that they cannot control free minds. A small group of fearless individuals can achieve far more than you would believe.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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  1. Hello friends! vietnamese country I come from , I hope you show me how to hack webgame and copy how they work ? we hope to receive help from people ^^

  2. Anonymous does not hack video games. We are activists, and some of us happen to be hackers. Check Lulzsec for hackers that use their skills for fun.

    • I would like to join your legion, as I am an activist who believe my ethnicity has been seriously deprived in my country Malaysia, the government always play political games by blaming on ethnic minority, and right now the government leader is buying all the corporate firms in order to control the economy and politics too.

    • Id like to learn how to hack. To help make a difference. To help anonymous continue to bring the truth out so the people may see the truth about their government world wide. Im sick of just posting petitions and trying to get people to be active by signing petitions to fight for the rights of the common man/woman/child. To give the poor a voice. To give the oppressed a voice. Im eager to learn. I have 2 laptops ready to go

    • Hello, I’m an activist and have watched your videos, and have checked many things on weird sightings of the military all over in the US in places that doesn’t make sense for them to be there. I want to help, and would like to learn how to help, and help you with hacking. I’d also like to talk to you about all the evidence you’ve been finding, because I’m curious on how you got them. Just so you know I’m not in the government or someone who is important or is looking to become important in politics, but I do know a lot of what goes on in politics. I’d like to help, if you could please send me an email saying whatever so I know it’s one of the anonymous member. I want to talk to you guys and join you guys. Please respond by the end of August to my email.

    • I don’t know who you truly are, but I’m a man whom we’ll call Kyle. Now with me being an American citizen I know there is corruption in this land in which I love and will always call my home. Along with I am a world peace activist, I know the steps to take and I know how to change people’s opinions with simple relations. From what I know I see no reason not to support your association although you call yourself an activist group but from what I’ve seen you WHERE an activist group. I say this not to attack you but to this modern day situation you have adapted a way of anaylitical actions and basically are just informing the public without action. I think personally you need to go back to the old ways. Start giving the corrupted people no where to run. Take out all the places they can hide and end with leaving them in the plain wide open with there paints pulled down and around their knees if you know what I mean. That is how you will open the publics eyes. Stop asking the public to open their eyes but instead, give them NO choice.

    • Hello my name is Candice. I’m a single mother of 3. Yesturday I was evicted from my apartment because I fell behind on my rent. I have a job but just started and since it’s the slow season I’m on call. Right now all the money I have is going into motels to keep my children off the streets. And to top it off my cell phone was cut off the same day. And I need my phone for work. I’m a hard working person i just fell on hard times. I really need a place for my children. If it weren’t for them I think I would’ve been ended it but they need me. If you can help in anyway I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this and may you stay in good health.

    • Hi I’m 17 a dad working 30 hours a week and can’t afford a place to life will you all be helping the lower class you all have done so much keep up the good work

  3. Hello Anonymous. I would like to join you. Right now I know the basics on coding have been seeing the corruption of in the govnment like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  4. Hello I’ll like to join your legion and your cause I watch your videos and I do believe that the governments around the world are corrupt please contact me ??

  5. The people suffer we suffer! The hands of the government reach too far, stand let us unite as the people! Take back our freedom live a life worth living not a life they tell us to live. To long this has happens its Time for a change, time to take what’s ours time to unite as we the people.

  6. My family and I have been victims of a government agency that is corrupt, above the law, and unregulated. No one will help us. Please contact me I’m desperate and need help.

  7. the goverment is corupt and stupid they have many files that need to be exposed anonymous please emai me if you think this is true

  8. Anonymous,

    I do believe every word spoken in your videos to be true. I would like to join and contribute. Please contact me

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  10. I am doing research for an ethnography at my school. Could someone please reply telling me how to get in contact with someone from Anonymous?

  11. David Cameron is a total face, as you say in your video he isn’t ruling the shadow puppet masters are. That guy should be exposed. Big time.

  12. Is it possible to help a targeted individual who is a victim of a large community torturing them is there anyway to easedrop on the community and expose their inhumane crime of continually harassing and torturing and worse to one individual repeatedly in defiance if the law and human rights laws?

  13. the powers to be have shut me down from posting their lies and corruption this has cost me dearly my wife left me and I think I have been blackballed in my 25 years as a sub contractor I always tried very hard to expose the corrupted for over 30 years and the last 10 years have been the worst I will still fight for humanity if I could get a response call please

  14. Hey Anonymous Hackers I would actually be glad if you tell us something super dangerous about FEMA camp I know it deadly and my friend agrees with me and i will be happy if you tell us what bad thing there is and my friend said they are forced with the chips what is the government’s hiding.

  15. Good day, activists of the Anonymous movement. I understand that you are attempting to open the eyes of the world in order to change it for the better. From the looks of it, the only way to fight fire is with fire in this reality that I have infamously labelled in my mind as the Age of Deception. Read attentively.

    The corporation is but a monetary entity that profits when its products are trending and loses assets when popularity at the very least decreases. Observe closely at the leaders of giant companies like Apple and we find a phenomena that should be worthy of taking a note; He built a machine that would better the lives of everyone. A computer, something that we all have no choice nowadays but to know in itself. Although there are tens of thousands of chinese workers slaving away to build iPads and iMac’s, the technology is impressive, simplistically speaking. Anonymous is so collectively frustrated with corporations and their habits of lobbying and avoiding criminal penalties through technicalities in order to sell their carcinogenic, toxic or corrosive products that it should be clear as to what every activist that is a member of this website should become. Anonymous, bear with me, becomes a business entity. Allow a group of people to play by America’s rules while the sentinels of the activist group do some hard journalistic work, whatever the cost. sell a carefully patented product thats affordable and effective But tends to everyone’s desire; information. But like Stephen Jobs, strive for a product and/or order of business that will aim to affect the world positively. What about selling news headlines for a penny, the story inside once the purchase has been made? more important stories for 5 cents maybe? but let the American people know that the information they recieve from these purchased articles means that it has to legitimate every time, no conspiracy theories, proven to be true and must have a democritized voting poll at the bottom of the headline giving options as to what Anonymous will do about it. Then, carefully consider all options, the preferred choice especially. Boom, there’s the media problem a step forward in the right direction. But what about those pesky corporations that sell terrible products?

    Expose the chemical processes behind these manufactured products on this website idea. Stir up the part of America that still feels like it’s a democracy. Then, let them decide what you all shall do about it. If I saw this idea burst into conception with a private message explaining im needed? I’ll definitely consider joining Anonymous. Best believe, if i figured out that Hillary Clinton is in the works of rigging election polls with her own software at this very moment? I’m not sure what I’d do. I’d enjoy, however, watching a collective democracy decide for me. But that’s like throwing a steak to the dogs.

    • As a collective the organizers of anonymous should find an individual that does not want to be the president, but if he or she was they would attempt to do good and nothing else, a person with a true heart, a person with no skeletons lurking in their past, if you could find this individual then the believers in anonymous who may not have the know how or ability to true dig into a person’s past can spread the word of the one you choose, but first we must all put our faith in you that you would find the right being for the job. So we need to build that trust, show us you can dig up and reveal dark secrets of the scum of the earth, then in return the ones here now will become more trusting, and new believers will come to help support a truly free world where things aren’t controlled by people who hide inside of the shadows of corporations. Once the collective is strong and large enough there will be nothing that will be able to stop us, nothing more pure, nothing more hate and greed free. To change the world we must give the collective a face, a person who may act as a spokesman of truth. I hope others agree with me and if they do I urge you to find someone with the right background to do this. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Anonymous, I am one who looks into this with curiosity and I just want to talk so I can get information about this community. I am not in anything political nor am I the Police just so we can get that out of the way, I am a student currently waiting for my 8th grade/high school years to begin… I will give you my Gmail [email protected] and I trust that the a true Anonymous member will contact me and again, I am here to only gain information from a different perspective on how our country is run and if I agree I will try to involve the very same topics in a search to help the World please reply within the days of June 30th through July 5th… I will be looking forward to our possible chat. Thank you and have a good night/ 4th of July depending on how late y’all respond. =) T_T Srsly I don’t want any trouble or tricks pulled…

  16. hey anonymous i just have to say love your videos but to me they are missing some things you should know about. like what will happen in next 200 hundred years of human life but if i could contact you then i will give you details.

    • if you need email then tell me and i know many more things also about future and past that would be interesting to you maybe thanks

  17. Kill the illuminati!!!! Anoyomous I’m with you , Soon , one day God will WIPE out Illuminati , Illuminati Be afraid because we are going to battle at some point and WE WILL DEAFET YOU ILLUMINATI AT LEAST WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE YOU ONLY HAVE THE DUMB DEVIL , LUCIFER IS LOSER WE WILL AND WE CAN!!!!!!!!

    • Hi guys, I really need your help to spread this message fast and to all people of Earth preferably. Revolution begins now!!! It will spread as plague alone and people will go to streets and dethrone all evil forces. If you help me massive global changes happen. I will be really grateful for every help from you and you have my all support. We will win this war. Answer me and I ll send you content. Everything is in english, If you need please translate my manifesto to all possible languages…

      Thank you very much.


  18. Hello I really need you help Anoymous ive trying to get a hold of you for weeks if yyou could just hack my server or phone and give me a min to talk to u that would be great please help me I lost a son because of the government and there hospital. Please im bagging you please give me a min of your time

  19. Hello Anonymous. I am not going to ask to learn how to hack. I just want to tell you how much I support everything you stand for. Knowledge is supposed to be free but the government is keeping all knowledge from us. Thank you I know you have no leader, thus the headless man for the logo, so I know it will be hard to contact me but please do by email. And I may be wrong about not having a leader but with all I know about the Anonymous, equality and freedom, it doesn’t seem to me that the Anonymous would need a leader since it works together so well but again, please contact me by email.

    [email protected]

  20. Russian language
    Люди земли я хочу поговорить с вами о том, что такое жизнь для вас и для нас. Жизнь это время, которое вы и мы проводим на земле. Если мы проводим его в борьбе за не нужные или вредные вещи то мы тратим время зря. большинство из нас проживают жизнь в борьбе за еду которую нельзя есть и топливо которое нельзя сжигать потому что это травит наше сегодняшнее и будущее поколение. будьте умнее познайте правду и она сделает вас свободными-
    god save us

  21. I want to know the truth about everything. So many videos and articles out there i don’t know which are genuine or fake, would love to learn the truth from the source. many thanks and god bless you all for standing up for those who cannot or do not realize they need defended.

    • There are definitely many videos out there, but anonymous has youtube videos that you can suscribe to. Keep in mind that the reason why the NWO,ILLUMINATI, and freemasons are dojng what they are doing is because of their desire for power. They havetheir hands in nasa. Some astronauts are asscociated with these secret societies. They beleive it or not are in a treaty agreement with the greys. Weather you beleive it or not theres more and more proof that the government is taking their cue from the grays,and other Et. The wars in the middle east were just a coverup for something more than what the government let everyone believe in. They went to the m9ddle east because of the fact that their were ancient alien artifacts that they wanted to seize. The NSA,AND FBI,AND CIA AS WELL AS M5, don’t even trust each other with the secrets they obtained from ancient antiquity. You don’t have to believe me, you can find the information there. But if you are looking for more legit stuff contact me

  22. Please help our nation Philippines by avoiding anomaly in election since philippines using Pcos Machine and powerful families who influence the result of election. Hope that you could stop this anomaly for the future generations.

  23. I have something to say you that commission on election in my country phillippines is twister. Can you please stop this quackery using hack? Thank you very much.

  24. Dear Anonymous, I would really like to join you. I want to contribute and let my voice be heard. Please contact me.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.
    Expect Us.

  25. I have one question is anonymous good or bad or does it wants eternity or extinction of mankind and what are its thoughts over god and is it against raceism

  26. I would like to know how I could help you guys in your fight to expose corruption and bad governments, since I don’t have hacking skills or anything.I just want to do something useful

  27. Hi all, there is a worst internet company in China. we need you help to punish them. Tencent, when they rise their own fabricate game, they block the email from rival game company to prohibit their user keep using their service. there are over ten million users suffer their silent violence. If anyone rise some utterence which bad to them, they will block his account as well. our government allows their behavior by default. Please help us from frighten and unreliable internet company! let’s rise a ddos

  28. Anonymous — Even as tempers can run high around/near volatile topics, keeping your teeter-totter balanced to LEVEL between ‘intellect’ ‘and ’emotion’, staying away from political elections will require advanced WISDOM on the part of professionals. Please, even though it surely hurts, leave (all) the campaigns alone. Post as you wish from whichever side tweaks your ‘balanced view’ and also review the Beatles Revolution, “destruction, count me out.” ok? tyia. OBF

  29. Dear Anonymous, I was wondering what you might know about the Madeleine Mccann story. The case of the British girl who disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007 in Portugal. The Portuguese police found evidence to suggest that her parents were involved in her disappearance or death. The British mainstream media and the British govenment have given her parents full protection and support from the 1st day and the parents threaten to sue(and have sued) anyone who supports the Portuguese polices’ theory which is based on evidence and facts. The parents set up a limited company for the British public to pay donations into, not a charity. The donations have reached 10 million pounds and the government have spent 90 million pounds of taxpayers money on searching for a missing child when there was never any evidence whatsoever of an abduction or kipnapping. If you know about this case or research it you will find it appears to be a very deep and intriguing cover up. I am a nobody but I am awake in this world and cannot see how the truth can be brought to the worlds attention if not by you. Please can you help?

  30. Hello,
    I have seen the beast behind the beauty of the united states. I was left to rot for ten years on the streets of the U.S. I was denied work if I didn’t have a place to live. I was denied the proper help because I was under that poverty line. I see that a big majority of our police are seen as hero’s; but in reality they are bullies and takers. Our government is more then corrupt but also brutally destructive to those who fight for the right to exist with in a world richer and more capable. the people cry for better pay for hard works that never seem to be noticed or cared for. We are ghost and non existent to our government. I have stole for food to feed my wife and I because I could not find work. I had no family and no support. Our higher ups will keep our people as they are if not worse so that they can keep all to them selves and steal from the people. they steal our lives and each breath that we take. we are forced to crime and obination to survive. I am tired. I trained my hole life as a child and up to serve this country only to find out that we are not the country I looked up to as a child. our history and our honor; all lies. I have watched your videos and have saw first hand that all you say is sadly true. I lost everything and the government who puts God on our bills to represent a free, independent, justified country who fights for those who cant fight for them selves is nothing but a mask hiding the wolves in which we live among. Those wolves are our government and our slavers of man. I pray and hope our people rise to the occasion. For our people are stronger then they think. It was said that one day Our government would become corrupt and deceptive. Filled with liars and thieves. Only the people can bring down that system. Our will and courage is stronger then our government. If it came down to it there are more of our people then our government. We could bring another fall of Rome and a rise of a free people. Time and time again the governments of our lands must be broke down and renewed again. Not by the government but by the people. For the people built this country.

  31. Anonymous I need help my malita KOA is a group that thinks freedom needs protection and we help people at all costs KOA stands for Knights of America and we think if the government won’t do things that need to be done than the people do words first violence later were there is peace there is war were there is war there is peace.Please help us have more supporters and be known

  32. Hello
    My name is Martha Hernandez and I am in school boys of school do me bullying in school, i don’t really know what to do I already try to kill my self please I need an advice, if you guys have any question my kik is hmartha584

  33. Id like to learn how to hack. I want to join. Im constantly posting petitions on Facebook to try to makena difference for peoples rights. Animal rights as well. Where we can leave a future for future generations. Freedom of speach, freedom to be who you are, without being critized,or made to pay because of the elitests and their desire to keep money that belongs to the people. Im so sick and tired of the taxes. Something as simple as paving the roads of locations the people have to pay outta pocket where they can barley survive on the income they have, i want to give the power back to the people anyway i possibly can. If possible send me an email on information on how to actually make a difference where i know it will effect the elite and the government

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  35. Can someone please teach me to hack, I would love to be part of this movement and to spread the idea of anonymous.

  36. i have been a huge supporter for a very long time. I have been trying to gather anyone to join me in DC on July 4th to protest against our crap as choices for our countries new president as well as how wicked America is and the crimes against humanity globally. Im sick of being ashamed and sick of sitting here doing nothing when so much is happening that I don’t at all support or agree with. I am having problems gathering anyone to join me on the 4th and was wondering what your opinion is and if you could offer any suggestions. Thank you for all the work you have already done……I admire the bravery, integrity and how your group carries out principals

  37. Need to know why is Wal-Mart getting ready to aid the government to control…can anyone find more info, make a video on it, they already got those camps with disposable coffins and now there going to use wal-mart location’s for camps or what i fell like someone needs a treat or something because this country is just going down hill I’m not really much for trump to end our economic system let alone anyone to do that and why now why not in 30 to 40yrs from now….how about never, I’m like close to losing it besides I’m not trying to blast people you know….I’m just trying to figure it out in detail more better and try to stop this crisis lol i just realized crisis has Isis in it…anyways im not saying im perfect or anyone in that matter im only human and how god made me but I’m trying like so many others out there to do better for others and myself…well if anyone reafs this thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot. Go get them A’s
    Signed your friend PyroRose,

    Also i hope to march with you all someday…

  38. I see what you are seeing but I can’t help myself but wonder are you the good guys or the bad guys. I guess what I mean is are your intentions as good as you make them out to be? So tell me you make videos about war and how it causes great deviation but I wonder do you intend on saving the world in a peaceful manner or are you trying to start a civil war against the worlds governments. I need to know you stategy before I can fully support you. You see I believe that once the government is gone we can begin to discover our selves in ways we can’t now and we can begin to heal our mind and body and finally live In harmony with the world and it’s beauiful inhabitants and to also be free.

  39. Hi im new to this and I really like what you’re doing and I really want to help as much as I can so …. Legion how can I aid you in fixing this world ?

    • You can help, by helping sign petitions involving the environment, peoples rights, women’s right to abort when needed,LGBTQ rights. Rights for all, and posting stuff online via youtube, twitter. Don’t do it on Facebook because Facebook is associated with the government. And anything involving the government and ufo phenomenon they tag it and remove it. Once that happens they start watching you and what you do. So be careful with Facebook. If you know another website where you can post information that involves educating the public regarding the injustices that occur do it. Now adays alot of the younger generation like to view videos of things instead of reading. But do both. Never post a photo of yourself or family photos on websites life Facebook and twitter. Post a picture that feels like it represents you. Goodluck. Be safe,be aware, reasearch information back your info up with other corresponding resources. Know that the media is controlled by the elite. News stations in particular. Be smart and cautious. Tell your friends and family and anyone who is willing to listen. And for those who do listen and agree with ya, tell them to tell others. Tell them make sure they back up their info by researching because the biggest weapons we have is knowledge, unity, to be one regardless of weather we are black,white,hispanic,gay,transgender,bisexual,lesbian. The government relies on us fighting each other. If we can educate others and unify. That becomes their biggest threat, and most likely they will try to infiltrate that to cause discord. They have become experts at the divide and conquer method. And we must stand strong. I hope this helped

  40. Also if there are any other websites you discuss these types of things on (i know probably many) I would greatly appreciate it if i could have a link dark web or not it does not matter 2 me

  41. Buddha was born in NEPAL .This is for those people who say #Buddha was born in india. I don’t want to say anything much more .THANK YOU !!!

  42. Buddha was born in NEPAL .This is for those people who say #Buddha was born in india. I don’t want to say anything much more .THANK YOU !

  43. How do I know that this website isn’t “The” government trying to track those of us who truly want to make a difference against corruption? Your answer could actually be the NSA replying to reassure me it’s the real Anonymous. I posted something recently about Florida corruption and Governor Scott and never received a response. So, how can I be sure of things I read here and learn how to make a difference?

    • Because if you throughly read what i wrote, youd realize i dont work for those fucks. But you dont have to believe me i dont care. All i care about is helping others. And the kind of distrust you have is understandable however,you’re the one who was asking for a way to help. And if you distrust the site why be on this site in the first place. Because of how the government has created us humans to distrust everything, this reaction is learned behavior from what the government has done to us as a whole. Again do what you want.

    • I wrote that you should do your research, amd to do more research by cross-reference other sources that speak on the same issue. The whole conspiracy thing is a huge huge puzzle with peices in all over. The government and the cia,and the fbi,and the elites are all in it. They all have their hand in the biggest cookie jar with a variety of cookies in it. If you catch my drift. But its up to you to put the pieces together, to think for yourself as well.

  44. Anonymous is “Truly” disappointing. I’ve written twice asking for advice from Anonymous about verifying their website and providing information with a source they claim to be interested about. BUT, not one single response or single word. Is Anonymous an active organization defending the little guy or just a group of individuals spouting about things they can’t or won’t address? “IS” Anonymous real or a Monger made up by a few hackers?

    • so by signing petitions were stopping the NSA how can we stop the elite they have billions of dollars and every person I try to tell thinks im crazy

  45. Tuolumne County. Has its own law, they don’t even have a polygraph-which by State of Calif each Court has to have one and use? This County protects the worst people(that make a violant Community-and everyone else are over charged,become victims or stay victims for life? You can harass, stalk, bully to death someone and system doesn’t do shit about it? Having to hear annoying crazywomen and man. Tuolumne apts can’t or won’t do anything about BULLYING ME TO DEATH, HARASSING, SLANDERING,DESTROYING REPUTATION.There has been a few homisides and bullying that are never stopped or resolved on going issue’s drama,and drug circle (MAJOR PLAYERS)? That get away with murder and harassment continual… MAKE AGREEMENT / MIKE BRUCE AND YOU CAN COMMIT MURDER AND BULLY ANYONE TO DEATH AND CAN’T STOP IT? ONLY IF HE FALLS IN LOVE W/YOU by a bj and sex..? like km kb bm and etc? THey can use sound equip to torture you by harassment.BUT ONLY BULLIES, WHORES, VIOL,ADDICTS, AND WOMEN ADDCICTS W/KIDS CAN USE AND NEVER LOSE KIDS BY WHAT MB AND HIS AGREEMENT AND PROMISE AND DEAL W/ SYSTEM CORRUPTED ONLY HELPING OUT LOW LIFE TRASH?BITCH THAT GOES TO CASINO THINKS SHE CAN TAKE OVER TUOL APTS FED HUD HOUSING. CAN NOT BE DONE LEGALLY IT’S A FEDERAL CRIME AND HUGE LAW SUIT, THAT THE ENTIRE COUNTY IS A VICTIM OF HEARING HER BIG MOUTH NEVER SHUTS UP?

  46. First off I want to thank you all for standing up . My family and I have been fighting the family court system for years . We need help . There is a child that has been taken away from her mother and put in the hands of a very sick man. I have watched my family fall apart and life will never be the same . IF there is anything that you can do to help please contact me. The town I live in is so corrupt it makes me sick . This child is being swept under the rug . Please ; I know how common this is and its so unfortunate but I desperately need help from any one . I am very worried about this child whom I love dearly . Thank you for your time .

  47. Hi, I saw and listened to a several of your videos on youtube and I’m curious, some of what I heard about people in politics isn’t anything surprising. But I want to learn more about you guys and get more info on what you guys are talking about. I’m not in politics or part of any law enforcement but in highschool. I’ll give you my email, and trust that an actual Anonymous member will respond. If you could respond by the end of July and confirm that you are an actual anonymous member so I could talk to you guys and find out more on what you guys are saying that’d be great. Please email me as soon as possible.

  48. Dear Anonymous, I understand that you most likely have over one million people around the world to respond to so it is hard to respond to my request and everyone else’s for knowledge and (do tell me if I sound like an asshole y’all) the deadline for a response has passed, unless you guys do some Reggie Miller buzzer beater response I will accept that, anyways if you are reading this thanks I guess Anonymous? Idk. Kenneth out…. :p btw I can’t believe KD went to Golden State either.

  49. LUX experiment/Dark Matter/Lead, S.D.
    Look it up. The governments of the world is playing with our lives and not just with Cern in Switzerland.

  50. With all of the flack about the DNC emails being hacked it sure would be interesting to see the RNC emails concerning Donald Trump

  51. You people worry about illuminate and are possible future presidents when there are starving children corrupt government and child porn? Get rid of REAL threats then go on to future problems

  52. Hello Anonymous

    I’m not sure, if you’ll read this, but I hope you’ll do. I just wanted to say, that I’m really happy, seeing you doing everything to make our world a better world. The politicians and governments destroyed everything that made life worth living and I’d really like to join you, because you do what I’d like to do too.

    We are anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  53. Hello my name is James beers I’m in a bad spot and I really need help I’m starting school in September see and I got laid off roomate has a medical condition with her sciatic nerve so here’s the thing we are behind on rent because I got laid off my student aid will come in next month but we are going to get evicted if we do not pay the 1500 by Friday. My e-mail is [email protected] I just need a loan not lookin. For a hand out October 13th I will pay back the lender

  54. Hello anonymous

    I have read and watched your videos. I like what your doing and support you 110%
    How can i join. I would like to be part of the solution. You have my support all the way.

  55. I am needing help I audio of someone coming in my home posioning our food. I excerise my right and now they have open me up to the Red Squad aka professional organized harrassment. Filing it immediately#theirs a army rising up

  56. These topics play a role in the puzzle of a crisis that I went through. It’s a huge puzzle and I can’t solve it. There are people responsible for what happened to me. But I’m not after them to get in trouble. I just want se answers.
    I was told that the best password is 1, 26 times. I met 2 artists while I was stuck in Wonderland. I never found Alice though. Lost boys was put on the board and underlined at one place, then a while later the song and the movie came on. Follow the White Rabbit could apply to the Matrix or to Alice in Wonderland. I’m searching for the one. The illuminati, the all seeing eye, series of unfortunate events, Lord of the Rings, the artist taught someone to draw an eye. The summons, brother odd, the sunflowers were books that were there. Kingdom Hearts, my favorite video game, different people had keyblade tattoos. Pandoras box was opened. If something smells fishy then it usually is. Life’s unfair because people make it unfair. Smile it keeps them guessing. The truth told with EVIL intent is worse than all of the lies you can invent.
    V for Vendetta the movie and someone had this tattooed on their kneck. Life’s a garden dig it.
    O. Shakespeare. 100. Juno. Mrs. Doubtfire. National treasure book of secrets.
    What does all of this mean? Someone wished for me… One. 3. Drawn hands.

    If anyone could help me, I would be in your debt. I broke the rules, but to be fair I forgot most of them. I just want some answers, after what I went through, I feel like I deserve a few. I lost all the friends I had. And my friends were my family. Am I to be a vagabond for the rest of my life? I don’t know who to trust anymore, but I’d trust you.

  57. To the world anonymous don’t just stand for one individual the represent us the lower class people the people who out number the majority. the ones who struggle on a daily basis just to live not to have extras in life but just to live! They want what we all think and dream about every day, weither it’s for our self’s or for our kids and future. They want what we have been told for year heaven on earth no mater what your religion is it all boils done to the same thing peace happiness and prosperity. Wake up world in the movies we all like to watch they show a happy world either before middle or end they say the same thing happiness is yours, you just have to stand up and believe it is. so say what you will about any one group of people or any pesident but truth is if the world was to make life easier to live crime would be less anger would be less life loss will be less because with out the stress of just trying to make it in the world just to try to live then we honestly would have no reason to be cruel and inhuman about the man or women standing next to you cause let’s face it 9 out 10 if not all ten crimes committed is because either one life has kicked them around to long or some body else’s life troubles have been a full to the point were the make there troubles someone else’s because of lack of open windows or doors with metal walls for house frams so I submitte this if the worker ants ( us the lower or consider the low on the poll) we’re to finally shake off the hipnotizim that the the head honchos in the luxury part of the ant hill has placed upon us then maybe we can relive we are more we are many we are self’s are anonimus we out number the 50 to one of we don’t change then like a viruses in our body being expled so shall we be expled form this world time is ticking tick tock

  58. Does anyone even care about that single mom woo has been raped by the system? Yes I was once one of those middle class wives, who drove an earth destroyer. And i was married to a law enforment officer. But i stood up for the uderprivlagded. I was married 19 1/2 years before the hell started. And even though we had adopted a sibling set of 3 i had to have him leave. These past 6 years have been nothing but cops, social workers, therapist and more cops. Its sad that one short fat officer who, whom has lost all feeling, can do such horrible things to the family he onced loved. I am now in so much need for help, that i am asking for help from Anonymous. Let me explain a little. My ex has lied so much in court and destroyed evidence made me look like a mad woman (though i probably am by now). The judge knows he lies, his boss knows of his lies. Why is he not on the Brady list? I know the blue line. I have always believed in Humanity helping your neighbor, shit most people dont even know the next door nieghbors name. For years i have worked with the mentally ill homeless. Took care of my dying parents. Have seen the horrible thing’s my children endured before i was so gifted with them. I have rescued stray animals and fostered them. Taking my children to protest to let them see they can make a difference in an unjust world. I have paid thousands to a crappy lawyer. Now i live in an old farm house and yes in California. I finaly have 15 % custody. And the first 4 years i had 90%. Then he calls CPS and even though all 6 false chrges were found unfounded it was the beginning of my down fall as a mother. And now again my modem is hacked, our phones and tv. And no one is doing one thing about it. I have tried to learn programing, code reading lol i was a philosophy teacher not a tech savvie . I just dont know what to do anymore. My kids cry because we cant even play a computer game. I need some help I need some privacy. I am no saint but this is just wrong. Please help

  59. The only reason why all of this is happening is because we are allowing it! I have stood up for my rights before and still do and I’m only 5 foot in all, female and have no money backing but I simply hit them with the truth as then they have no where to go. “Come on Aussie” “stand up”!

  60. Dear Anonymous,
    With a dreary heart I contact you. I am from a third ( Used to be second) world country down in Africa. Yes you have geussed right: South Africa! I am a white non racist citizen of this beautiful country but unfortunately for the white race ( Except when you have monetary funds) there are no future for you. You probably know about the high crime rate, corruption and alas about the ethnic cleansing that is happening here. All with the approval of the current government. The local and world media turns a blind eye to what is happening here. White people are tortured, brutally murdered and if they defend themselves faces the law that is usually one sided. This instigates racial conflicts and in the end will end up in racial war. All efforts to bring this situation under global attention are being suppressed by local and global media.The world just seem to turn a blind eye. Please help us save a nation from being extinguished by let the real storie reach the masses!

  61. I have been forced into poverty with my family of five now six with the baby. Two of them are disabled being my mother and the uncle of my other hafe. We lived in a camper for five years on a lot we owend jointly and then the county forced us off ower property by arresting me for trespassing on my property, then taking us to court finding guilty of living in a camper charging us a hefty fine, then having child support sending me to jail for unpaid support that i could never pay starting 384 a month then going to 587 a month and now at 67 a month. Mind you my family and i where liveing in a camper getting assistants ower self. Now i am the only driver in my home for five people and I’m fighting for my driver’s licenses to be restored and get more fines because i got to travel to doctors, taking woman to work, and pay bills. I myself can’t work do to neck and back injuries in 2009 i have tried to work in 2011 and can’t do it.
    My family and i need help exposing the corruption in Winchester and little Washington Va. I want to presue life, liberty and happiness with my family, not being judged because of ower poverty.

  62. I am interested in what I have heard in your videos; however, your reference to “we are legion …” disturbs me as a practicing Christian (not just namesake). This is a demonic reference. I do want to fight the unelected powers controlling our world, but I do not want to be a part of a demonic organization. What can a normal, family person do to protect our families and fight the system?

  63. It’s utterly shocking that there are real travesties taking place daily in the united States and people are commenting to learn to hack video games.
    I’ve personally spent 4 years in a legal battle with a man just like a mini Trump. Wealthy, powerful, narcissistic. Guess what no one helps. No one will help you. No one has helped me. There is not a group of people who want to help the little people. The rich get richer and the rest of us watch the injustice. Is this a passive aggressive challenge and and attempt to reverse psychology help? No
    I’ve tried before and the reality is we are in this world alone. I wish to god it were different.

  64. We love you anonymous. My only hope is that you can change the world for the better. Everything is crumbling and the vast majority of us are being torn apart by corrupt governments. We need true leadership in this world…

  65. Everything.. everyone is going to be in trouble if we dont stop the governments i dont understand why they are evern greedy in the first place i just wish the world was equal

    we are legion
    we never forgive
    we never forget
    expect us..

    • hello… I am the exodus … I stand to help the Christian faith in America and would like to ask if you would help me get started I feel I need to help I feel the schools in America have shut out the Christian faith and I want to end it these people have sued many students ant teachers and have made million from all of them its wrong and I want it to stop I can be reached at [email protected] my spellings not good but I want the persecution to stop I don’t know if this is the real anonymous but its worth a try send me a line back if its you if not in one year ill delete the email and ill bit my ally’s goodbye and ill go my own ways if you want to talk more secretly ill be found at either the email address I gave you or ill make a new Gmail address I hope you respond I would like the advice on where to start your truly exodus PS (worth the time and training if your interested)
      you Stop correcting don’t forgive or forget well I avenge the people who are being persecuted for there beliefs and I will stop it any way I can ill be waiting

    • I agree I’m exodus if you want to help me get started I would like some advice if you wouldn’t mind the Gmail account I used is how you can contact me .exodus

  66. knowledge is power, how can the 99% successed if the 1% hides or holds the truth from us.
    The pool will be closed forever if we do not change

  67. />Hello Dear World!<

    I'm 1-of-Us, I'm 1-in-Us.
    The True is that We want be Free, We want be Glad, We want be Us-in-Us. The government are Unnecessary.Harmful.Badness they are the-Puppeteers, The Humanity is Necessary.Beneficial.Good We are The-Heart; We All have an individual choice, We All have True-Power, immersed in the Free-Will-Network We All have to thrive together; this is the True;

    This is, a Liability.

  68. You want a terrifying truth? I am a victim of morgellons disease, a disease not recognized by most medical physicans, its dismissed as delusional parasitosis, a mental disabilty that a person imagines they feel bugs crawling on them and pick at their skin and pull fiber like material which they are blamed for inserting the fiber like substances themselves, I may be crazy but im not insane nor delusional, i dont pick at my skin like others do just to prove it is not a mental disorder.

    Now what is morgellons? its is a patent technology that was supposed to be used for the benifit of farming and to aid in the reverse of global warming, but ts not being used that waym instead its spread to many populations in the world, most people dont realize they have itm it come from gmo foods , vaccines, even clothing, once you contract it and can see it and recognize it you see it everywhere, this monster doesnt care if your a adult child or animal, it infest your body your home everything these nano bots also deliver a plethora of other viruses, bacteria,fungal agents into the body, people die from this and are forced into a life of social solitude, i dont want t9o die, i had a hard life, i been threw hells people couldnt even imagine and i survived it, and life was about to finally start for me, to be stricken with this….fuck this…i dont want to go out like this…but this will eventually kill me and my poor cat…I dont want to learn how to hack, i dont have time for thatmmif you want to help the worldmm find a permanent cure,,,there has to be one out there..this was man made..this is the Trojan horse that will catch all by surprise and this is the thing that unleashed and activated will be the end of millions of lives…fight for human freedom…fight for a world that we dont have to worry about another human capable of doing this to their own kind…for our right to live ourlives in peace and happiness…god bless you all…i will fight this condition to my last breath andi learn more everyday..may i live long enough to spare you all from this blight..

    Be righteous in life for what really matters and fight the battles that truly count and leave petty in the void and do not carry it your heart, we have a responsibility to each other and no right to selfishness because we are human and humanities survival is the bigger picture.


    Just a girl who isnt anyone special.

    • I’m exodus I want you to know a verse in the bible says fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for i am your god I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. don’t be afraid talk to god and he will make you path strait in life yours truly exodus sorry if i offended you

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  73. Hello ANON,
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  75. My computer repair guy lives right across the street.Pretended to be a friend.
    He had all my passwords,hacked my wifi, and had me arrested for some things he posted on CL. Charged with stalking using the internet class C felony.
    The case has been going on for 3 years, and I’m 25K in debt for legal fees.
    I’m a senior citizen.In over 20 court appearances I have only been able to say two words: “Not guilty”.
    My lawyer says with court procedures I cannot refute unless they have a trial.
    But they never have a trial,just keep railroading with more issues.
    The investigating policeman also used brutality on me during arrest.
    Now need shoulder surgery.
    Believe this, getting maliciously prosecuted in Las Vegas courts is easy as getting married by Elvis. Just ask OJ.
    All involved seem have had great fun persecuting me.Prosecutors and judges snicker and grin as they put me through all these hardships.
    It actually seems that our law enforcement and judicial are like gestapo.
    My view of being an American with constitutional rights has changed significantly.

  76. I need help, I need the strength of anonymous. I have a friend who is under attack from a cruel abuser who keeps her in check with personal information, and pictures. She is suffering verbal and mental torment, because of a simple mistake. Please, I am asking for anyone, help me stand up and fight for this one who can’t.

  77. To those who seek guidance, there is none. The core of Anonymous is freedom for the people. You don’t need to be a hacker to accomplish that. In light of the events going on today, the main way to help the people is to give them hope. The world is at the brink of war on one side and being torn apart by nature on the other; those can be your mission if that’s the guidance you desire. Help those affected by disaster or find a way to diffuse, or at least limit, the imminent destruction of the U.S.A. and North Korean war.

  78. Hello Anonymous beings, I would like some advice please, I have been aware of some of the true faces of human civilisation for a long time now, It can be hard to cope with sometimes, knowing that things are the way they are, most do not listen to me nor care, I want to help, humans should not be living this way, it is devastating upon all life, I am aware but I do not know what to do, I feel as though I am stuck, as a slave, within the system, I do not want to be, I want to try and save those who suffer and to enlighten those who comfortably live off of that suffering without knowing that they are being taken advantage of, the schools, i cannot stand them, but I really do not know where to start, even just tips would be helpful.

  79. I really need to know how this works. I have various humanitarian organizations waiting to go live but live in fear of reprisal. An organization like anonymous would work for me. How do I get involved?

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  82. i have know about you for some time a I see the corruption in the world but i do like peace because when we are all together then nothing is impossible but I do hate those who are greedy enough to destroy animals homes and kill or take away parts of them that are important to them and to me that is if you murdered a human and it is a crime that is something I will never forgive you for I see what the world is like and it is dying because of corruption and greedy bastards we can all stop this by working together because strength is built in numbers of those who are willing to do the impossible to take a stand and fight for what is right and end the curroption in people

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